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  1. this happens that happens people do this people do that whats the point?? really
  2. nope your right.. he is from here.. originally.. he is one of the active old shool writers (for monreal) meaning got up from 94 to 96 stayed around doin stuff till late 90's (some comebacks ups and downs).. now hes left us
  3. from what the picture shows it looks more like a bunch of blacks dancing...
  4. maybe things are just 'complex' to us, maybejokin.. name me (not asking rhetoricaly but out of curiosity) things that are non-living species made that begs a inteligent designer.. i can thnik of some obvious ones but i wn to hear what you say.. and do you think that whatever the inteligent designer is it can be a differnt nature from the stereotypes of god.. or are you hardcore christian?..
  5. Dawood: when i mean everything i include matter and energy.. so im sure what ever makes us (primarily those two things which i guess can obiously be divided into so many differnt types of each) does not completly dissapear vanish into oblivion.. might stay around changing form mixing with other "things" as well.. perhaps a 'spiirt' energy livin on if you will but so if thats possible we dont neccesirly need a creator... but i think there is for the 'design' aspect love etc etc for sure divine source but.. not sure
  6. i agree that creationism doesnt have to come with christianity obviously... what we see as designs seem to need an explanation (as good analogies are made betweeen us designign things so what about all the rest, however i dont think its as good of an analogy for something comming out of nothing (if that ever happened) because humans cant do that) but what about 'gods' design to his character? isnt that just as mind boggling no? likewise dawood how hard would it be to believe that everything was always here in differnt forms.. (i belive in a dvine source) just makin that argument.. sorry forget about that last statement.. but what about gods designer? why doesnt it need one? surley god has a design.. oh and about the time thing.. if something performs action/change.. doesnt that require time???? (this part of the action vs the other pat of the action are seperated by time).. g
  7. word thats what i ways saying..sorry King bling maybe you misinterpreted what i was saying (my fault ) becasue when i said "that there isnt certainty" i meant amung humans.. im not saying there isnt a right answer that exists.. im saying tht whtever the right answer is were still uncertain of what it is...
  8. sorry this might be a silly or offtopic question but just want to write it before i forget.. if god supposedly exists outside of time then how can he judge? i mean thats an action(s) that hes doing.. which includes changing of some form.. so isnt that contradictuary? is it possible to do actions and changes of some sort outside of time?? if so please let me know with a little bit of backed up reasoning cause i stumped myslef.. thanx (and if he could then coundnt we be acting outside of time? whats the differnce)
  9. i think its good both sides are presented as a theory casue it casues people to think for themselves and realize there isnt certainty (unless you add faith (towards 'god' or athiesm) but you can question that by looking at your (desired) motives for beliving it...
  10. I think a good part of the motive for bush to do this now is to show that he really believes that he did his contreversy actions becasue god told him too.. and so doing this will show that he wasnt just saying that to find any excuse but he really believes it that much.. on another note is was thinking.. do you think its possible that matter and energy was never created just change form..? i mean it seems people's logical explanation for god is becasue everything that exists needs a creator? why would we think that? is it a lot do do with us seeing humans "create" (mix things that laredy exist and build seeminlgy new things) so we kinda think there has to be an analogy to the existence of everything? im not on any side really just questioning..now
  11. Man i get the shivvers just looking at that photo and just imagining how he did that.. (aswell maybe for gettin the photo).. get nervous thinking of him spending that little extra time on the left when he could just leave it how it is and bounce out the hell of there... it would suck to almost complete that then get busted
  12. I cant explain the feeling i get when i see these photos.. also mystery atttaction to the right hand side of de flick dont know whycant help de tracion nigga
  13. theillp


    Wtf?? i was just in NY almost all the tunnels i rubbernecked were bombed (actaully all of them were.. in manhatten + brooklyn.. and i saw enough shit with 2005 next to it.. cant be that extreme.. if it is then it will be treating it like a train mission exept they eont bother to buff most cause its a big tunnels waste of money
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