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  1. more popular than my thread, which confirms my thesis...
  2. I just don't understand.... I usta think I was just ugly...but I guess I'm not.... but it seems no one likes me....I try hard, yet no one ever calls me... I only go out when I call people (like once a month)... "my freinds" never call me...I'm never invited to shit...girls are mean to me at bars....I can't get a job...girlfreinds? lol....my neighbors hate me, they always give me dirty looks, even when I say hello...blah blah blah but, I feel totally happy and content...only sometimes do I realize how (PERHAPS) my life is fucked up....or is it? perhaps i just need the ri
  3. I am in a desirable state for happy composed certainty active agressive I am in the normal state for respondsible I am in in undeserable state for critical lack of accord withdrawn or a: 15 b: 70 c: 60 d: 50 e: 70 f: 90 g: 20 h: -30 i: -62 j: -50 200 fuckin questions...alot of double negatives etc to trick you up/// how do post the table?
  4. no I am not joking, nonetheles I have the feeling you wouldn't get insightful social humor if Lenny Bruce and Bill Hicks rose from the grave and you ran into them in a dark alley...oh well
  5. John Birch


    which calendar are you refering to? I think 06/06/06 already happened many times already many times ago...
  6. in terms of Iran being called iran..it always has been called Iran. in the west we called it persia since alexander conquered it thousands of years ago. kinda like how the french call it Allemange (sp) and we call it Germany.. that is, Deutchland... same thing and don't forget Arabs are Semites too
  7. if I wwweere god, first the christians then muslims would go into the oven (the jews would be to test the ovens) that way only catholics would rule the earth!!!!
  8. last time I got drunk i ended smoking crack in alley with some black. next thing i knew it was 5pm and I almost had a heart attack driving to bowling... moral: don't drink and drive after bowling unless your drunk
  9. I just watchyed the 40 year old virgin... Isn't it ironic I stayed home all alone watching that? (actually it isn't, I'm just a drunk loser)
  10. ok look at it this way...if you want to know and understand why the red sox didn't win the worlds series this year, who would you ask? Yeah at first you would say a Red Sox fan, because they know all about the team, stats etc... but shit they are biased and can't have a discussion about them without interjecting their own ideas and beliefs. Like me for instance...my theory is that they lost due to an international zionist consipracy propagated by New York jews and the beef industry (hence Chicago's win). Is that true? Maybe, but most likely not. But if you ask any sox fan that, they wi
  11. yeah in terms of anti-semetism... Semites are an ethnic group that includes palestinian and arab peoples. Russian jews are NOT semites, their Slavs... So generally speaking to suport European jews and discriminate and expel isreali muslims is anti-semeticism... Plus the ironic thing, the palestinians, whether they are christian, muslim or jewish are all descended from the same group of people who lived there thousands of years ago...The religions change, due to politics etc... but its still the same people... so basically a bunch of white euros want to kick out the real jewish
  12. is this poll a polite way of asking how many on here are black or hispanic?
  13. basketball players are entertainers. PERIOD. They work for a company. If they don't like it, they can go work somewhere else for way less money and a weaker union... and btw, working as a sports enetertainer means you have to do PR. If your employer demands that you dress a certain way for PR, then thats it. I mean, when Officer Bill showed up to school to teach crime shit, he didn't show up wearing his Hells Angels colors? No. he showed up in his cop uniform..Same thing...
  14. I saw it of course...it was OK, but perosnally I think Matrin Scorcese sux at making documentaries... I liked how they cut back to the infamous royal albert hall show where Bob went electric... Robbie's solos during that show are fucking awesome...
  15. I never carry cash...just my debit card
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