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  1. Or maybe some of this..
  2. I know I know I was just givin you shit.. Glad you aint leavin man..
  3. ^^^^ Me too.. Casek, whats CURCLE doe??..hahahah..
  4. My number 1.. "When you have a lot of work to prove it, I dont see why not".. The Rican workers.. The tat.. The shirt you wearing at the tat shop.. All that damn Juice on them Tropicanas.. The excitement to find a Solid Cold.. The Band playin on the train.. Could go on..
  5. Re: Great Pictures~ I believe cause that shit looks like a face or sum right??..Or am I trippin?...
  6. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! Did she look like this when she was little??.. My lil girl looks like yours exactly..Even with the white chest.. The boy.. Ill post recent pics later..
  7. hahhahahah..the last 2 you posted were off the hook..
  8. Re: Great Pictures~ http://images.google.com/images?num=100&hl=en&safe=off&resnum=0&q=award+winning+pictures&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi
  9. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/868360/weird_this_happens_only_1_time_in_a_100_years/ Krazy baseball shit.. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/874048/math/ Math shit.. Im drunk and all this shit is fuken krazy to me right now..Damn..
  10. Shit...we had thunders and sum fuken lightning a while ago..Stop raining but its cold as fuck..dammit..
  11. Mr.Earl Broclo I just gave you props for that post you just made.. That means we're e-friends now... hahah..
  12. In my opinion..12oz aint just bout Channel Zero..I mean it is to sum folks..But if you get bored here look around you, if you want to have a good laugh go to The Yard and laugh at the idiots staring threads like, "What is Etch".."Where can I get skills"....and all that dumb shit...Go to the battle thread on Paper Chase..Wanna discuss sumthing go to Crossfire..Took a cute lil picture with your new camera, go to Untitled..Got new shoes, go to Duty Free...12oz aint dead..You just gotta look around and quit hittin that damn refresh button to check new posts or threads on channel zero.. Ohh yeah and about the Ouncerz making fun of people and all that shit..Its just for fun ..Why get butthurt off the IntErnEtZ..If a kid cant take a joke here, I cant imagine how fuked up his life is in the real world..Show the BoObZ..The best thing on 12oz...We have many beautiful ladies that went through that shit at the beggining, and look they're still here..That means they can take a joke and can brush that shit off with no problem..Shit they even contributed to the Botty contest..If a girl is gone get booty hurt off people asking for boobz..they're in the wrong place.. My 2 cents..
  13. Yeah I really dont get sick a lot but when I do I get knock the fuck out, like I cant even get up my bed..Last week I had a sore throat with swollen tonsils couldnt even eat, then my both my ears started hurtin, thought it was gone turn into an ear infection, luckily its all going away..But with this fuken weather I hope it doesn't come back..
  14. Styleisking you're the MAN !!!! Bump..!!!
  15. Buket??..^^^^^ Hahaha Bump those Os'Gemeos Rollers !!! Savage..
  16. There was a part in the couple’s counseling episode when New York said she wanted you to get a penis implant… Yes, that was interesting. I was kind of thrown off because the way they presented it was, “How would you feel if we asked you to do some elective plastic surgery?” I was thinking, what the hell would I need done? When they brought that up, I told her that I’ve never heard any complaints about my penis size, but because I am devoted to you, I’ll be willing to do whatever it takes. Damn Thats fuked up..hahah
  17. Good shit The_Gooch..hahaha.. Tailor Made is Cheating on New York? Posted December 27th, 2007 by Molly Celaschi in * Rumors Tailor Made is cheating on New York? Say it ain't so! Tailor Made and his new lovely fiancee, New York, are engaged, but Gatecrasher reports that at his company Christmas party Tailor Made was all over other chicks or should I say "real" chicks. Tailor Made works for the fashion company Marc Ecko and was acting the fool at their Xmas party last week. A source said, "He was dancing, and kissing a blond with curly hair, then holding hands with a girl with short straight brown hair." He was also falling over left and right. When some girl helped him up, he hit on her too. It's his last chance to get any real vagina. He did however talk about New York and how much he loved her. VH1 probably called and reminded him to do so.
  18. Maaan..I heard bout them tickets that go up to $1500..Should start buyin them shits and slang em on ebay ..$1500 for sum damn tickets..DAMN...Vanessa Hudgens better be up on that shit like this...
  19. Doesnt this nigga work for Ecko or sum?..Dudes a pussy, thats all I know..the few times I watched the show with my sister..he was always gettin punked or/and he was bein a fuken snitch..hatin on the next nigga to get a broad is a big no no..wasnt that breezy supposedly pregnant from one of the many dudes she fuked during the show ???..Nasty shit..
  20. damn thick ass broad in a purple dress..
  21. Sum McLovin type of shit..hahahahah Man rule # 14 : GET HEAD ON THE FIRST DATE !!
  22. Happy B -Day to you, ClueTwo and my LiL Sister which she also turned 21 today.. Could this be you with your free Dessert and Hat at Chevy's ? ? Hahah..Im joking..
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