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  1. My bad.Today was a holiday so I had my lil Rugrat with me ...Ill post as soon as I get home..Lookin good everyone..!!!
  2. I do now... http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Academy/3088/naheng.html You know we"re like the Matrix primo..
  3. Over here you can flip 2 Red monkeys for $70 or 2 Evisus for the same price..of course fake..niggas aint knowin bout them double stichin but they still rock em anyways..back on topic..Just got home, we tried to go watch the movie but all the shows were sold out..Fuck it, maybe Ill buy my tickets on line and go during the week..Fuken sucks..It will be cheaper by the way, like $7 buks..
  4. La tetona...Tigrillo is tight.. Puro Chilangolandia pride .... Wachanle las carteras carnal..pos chale guey..aca los chompiras rifan culeros...
  5. RIP your Brother.. The view on most of them pictures is amazing.. Should post them in the Great Pictures Thread... Good shit..
  6. Good shit...Found this last nite.. http://vixy.net/ It worked pretty good..
  7. My name is Kill Or Die and Im from Oakland..I've been lurkin since the early 00" but it wasnt til 2004 I decided to join. I created a new account when 12oz went down and I could login into my screen name....But thanx to raven Im back on my old account....I always have sum to say but after reading through hella pages on a thread or seein hella ass (Myspace thread, booty contest, Thick girls thread) I forget what Im bout to type..real talk..
  8. Hahahah... Real talk...Even if I dont post much..I've been on this bitch every single fuken day.For the past few years.....From morning til before I go to bed..Maybe the grey is sum type of Brainwash color ..hahah
  9. Que al Transhformashionz le gustan los tacos de cabeza o que??..hahah pinches albures.. Ya niggas aint knowin bout: Fidel Rueda. Los Dinamicos del Norte. Cuisillos. Los Morros Del Norte. I could go on..Thats what Im into right now.. Los Tigres got sum tight new songs..La sorpresa , Senor Locutor.. La banda del carro rojo , Contrabando y traicion , the old school ones is the shit..Los Hijos De Hernandez..FUCCKKK... Can yall imagine if the Quebradita fashion was poppin right now..Niggas would be wearin them Leather jackets with them stringys and shit..hahahaha.. Banda Vallarta show..Banda Movil..la talega del cafe..yall niggas dont wanna get started with that early 90's quebradita shit.. http://youtube.com/watch?v=OXPNc2ih2lA&feature=related Senor Locutor was filmed in Oakland.. http://youtube.com/watch?v=dLEiqqOhMZ8 Fidel Rueda.. http://youtube.com/watch?v=3J-YUFqdqQA RUSH ..Check this homie out..I've been wantin to get an accordion too..Homie right here is blind..Se la pelan muchos gueyes a huevo..He knows his shit.. SHAAAOOOOOOOOO..
  10. Pizza sounds good right bout now..Damn I need sum sleep.. Hi Milky.. Sup 1988....
  11. Searching for a good Cloverfield Cam torrent..Gone be here for a minute..
  12. Good shit...Them cars are off the hook..
  13. After readin the spolier theres no doubt bout a sequel..I hope next time they charge their camera.. /ImOnTheHuntForAGoodCamTorrent Oner
  14. Sector sounds good to me..Hayabusa call the due date brah..
  15. Theres gotta be sum type of rules..sum have more advantages than others..It has to be fair so that WE CAN ALL participate without feelin left out you feel.. 1 color, 3 colors..Characters, no characters..shit like that.. My 2 pesos.. I've been havin sum free time lately so Im probably down for the next battle.. HOLLA...
  16. Nope I dont think i know any one by that name...Thanx, I try to keep it simple...
  17. Dranx0: Why are there a bunch of capital T's everywhere? Shark Jesus: those are the powerlines dumbass Classic...hahahahahah
  18. Last nite shits....Kinda rusted...no excuses..ohhh well.....
  19. Re: sometimes I want to pound my kids. Yeeep..My lil girl caught it only one time in her short life..that was more than enough..When ever shes misbehaving as soon as she hears the belt, she quits her acting..
  20. hahaha, she said that he needed Dick implant or sum like that..Thats harsh..hahahah.. Yeah the video its kinda like a 50/50 thing,..then again, come on now man..Its New York..Everybody was expecting that shit sooner or later..
  21. Re: Great Pictures~ Thats shits krazy..^^^^^
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