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  1. Listen to this guy..he knows what the fuck he's talkin bout...Thats sum good paint there..and before you paint on any shoe..Use acetone to remove the wax/clear finish on most shoes..
  2. Back in the day here in the bay we had Mini meals for $1.99..which was a Regular Cheeseburger or a Chicken sandwich , small fries and a small soda..Not no happy meal but a MINI MEAL..Went down to LA and their McDonalds didnt have that shit..They were giving us weird looks and shit..I usually just go for the dollar menu everything else is kinda nasty and overpriced..Double quarter pounder with cheese almost $6 ..fuck that..I rather get 6 Dollar cheeseburgers or go to BK and get 3 orders of 2 for 2's....But If I want a meal I go for the Big Mac .. BK's 2 for 2's FTW !!
  3. Remind me of this song..and honestly thats how I felt bout my Ex girl.. [Chorus: repeat 4X] She say she love me, she - she say she love me She - she say she love me but all we do now is fuck and fight [E-40] If I asked you to rob that bank with me, wouldja do it? Wouldja do you time like Martha Stewart? Wouldja bust a nine, wouldja go to bat? Put your life on the line with me, hit the dope track? Oooh - is you down, would you beat a bootch down? If a pimp couldn't swim, would you let a pimp drown? Wouldja, stop naggin me about last night? (Last night) Two wrongs don't make no right (no right) All we do is fuck and fight Kiss and make up and lay up all night Now bend over while I lay this pipe While I beat the coochie to the broad daylight She say she love me (love me) But when I'm in the studio, she be gettin all ugly (Gettin all ugly... she say she love me) But I could give a fuck 'bout it cause I'm 'bout my money Bendin co'ners, ridin jump off Money long, like Mutumbo Got that tweed, pushin peas Frankenstein, 2-2-3's I'm about my money (money) Hangin out the window throwin up the Playboy bunny Ain't never phony I'ma keep it movin mayne cause I'm always hongry Lil' momma what that is, tell me what'cha name What it be, do you need a lil' Q.T.? A lil' quality time, a lil' bumpin and grind A lil' wine and dine, a lil' movie? A lil' money sometime, a lil' Dolce Gabann' A cherry Louis Vuitton, a lil' jewelry? Why you mad, why you always take it out on me? (on me) Why you always showin out in front of company? (company) [Chorus] [8 Ball] Mannnnnnnn, ain't never seen one look like you cutie Dammmmmmmn, five foot two with a nice round booty You are just my type, I can see it in yo' eyes And I knew that from day one Stayin up all night just chillin Talkin 'bout what we gonna name my son Twenty-fo' seven hustlin The object is not to be broke again Let me get yo' whole paycheck One time when I couldn't pay the rent Now look at your baby Benz With the lil' TV and the crazy rims Big rocks on your hand Tell your friends big daddy bought them Now, on the other hand Here we go again, talkin 'bout "Where the fuck you been?" Always, at the studio In another time zone tryin to get rich Get you for the Zinfandel Fire up one, let you hit the green Niggaz mad, you on my team Cause they know how you move them things Come home, be a momma and a wife and a freak in the bed baby I'm tryin to work Why you gotta call me 100 times like you crazy? Don't play, when the time is right we can get up in the urr and go play Wanna go dere, then stay hurr, and love me e'ryday [Chorus] [bun B] Well there's a stranger in my house, in my bed Fuckin up my life and my bread Playin mind games all in my head Sometimes I swear you worse than the feds You love a nigga, then hate a nigga Then you love me again man this shit's confusin In the streets hittin licks I'm winnin Comin home fuckin with you man I'm losin (I'm losin) I'm built for drama but not this kind (this kind) Let it slide befo' but not this time (this time) This is the business in this here hustlin You can't be fuckin up this grind (this grind) Man you been doin too much campin (campin) Bumpin your gums and yappin (yappin) Interferin in grown folks business And baby girl I just can't let that happen (happen) I've been out here sweatin this blood Fuckin with cutthroats to get this cake (this cake) But I swear, it seems like the mo' I give ya The more you try to take My heart and my back you try to break I ain't crazy I see the signs Try to steal my light and my shine You must be outta yo' fuckin mind (DAMN!) I just wanted to spoil you Well I guess I succeeded But now you just too fuckin conceited If this is love I don't need it You actin like you the pimp and I'm the hoe (HELL NO) Man I swear to God if your pussy wasn't the bomb I'da left yo' ass a long time ago BITCH! {*echoes*}
  4. Thats sum good shit there..My boys Grandma was sippin on sum Whisky the other day..Killed the bottle on her own and was ready for more..I know some niggas that cant even hang with few shots.. Went to sleep at 6:30, Just woke up..I guess I slept it off..But I still got that nasty feeling ..I know for sure if I was bout to smell tequila right now.., Ill fuken Puke my guts out..ama go drink sum cold ass water or/and sum Gatorade..
  5. Fidel Rueda..Paz en este amor. The Pack..In my car.. New Too Short cd..
  7. Fuck it lets paint.. by the way.. I kid I kid.. /Callmelateroner
  8. Re: What You Guzzlin' Tonight? Beer and most likely tequila mixed with Squirt.. /HangovertimeOner *** Whatever it is ya drinkin..Stay Safe !!!
  9. Re: i want to cmeup later 2007ola Damn right..Gotta keep the next generation coming.. Bump your kid..!!
  10. Everyone party like a Mothefuker but stay on the safe side.. I know Im gettin ripped til I pass out.. Be back in 2008.. Peace..
  11. Wait... Is this nigga complaining bout "drunk bitches" callin at 4 in the morning???...Dog..They DRUNK and still up at 4..call back and ask where they at, Smash and forget bout your beauty sleep..you can sleep right after work.. You aint gettin no Pussy off postin a thread on 12oz.. Im drunk and mad ass Fuck my girl had to go home... Fuck it..
  12. Yes but... Lidell got caught and got Knocked out TWICE..
  13. Agreed, if he loses this time he's going to have a tough time getting a main event and hes going to be far from getting another Championship fight.. Thats what I meant..I hope he Whoops on em like fuken leave that nigga at blank...
  14. Brazilian.. I hope he whoops on Lidell..Should be sum good fights..
  15. Best reality show next to Cops...Tried gettin the whole Season DVD's on A&E, only to find out they are sold by episode and go for like $20 sum dollars EACH !!!! Torrents all day but it would be tight to have every single episode....New seasons starts Jan 10th..Holllaaaaa
  16. I did too..damn that shit hella old.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQdgbs0IUDg http://www.virtualtoychest.com/mask/mask.html
  17. Re: Great Pictures~ The new and Improved..SAN FRANCISCO ZOO !!! .... Rent your own bodyguard for $10 a day....
  18. Holy shit batman..Super Smash !!!! My lil girl is the same way...Shoes, clothes, dolls...Everthing Dora..Lets just hope Kathleen switches to the Disney channel and snap sum naked pics for us to see..
  19. Re: Great Pictures~ Just by lookin at that shit I get chills..Fuck that..Them things are fuken deadly as fuck...Good pic though..
  20. Birria with Rice and beans.. And Caldo de Camaron (Shrimp Soup) pa los Crudos..
  21. Cant beat 22nd..2900..Fruitvale and what you know bout backyard tacos on 71th...
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