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  1. Damn..heat..makes me wanna quit... Freakeenyc..I like your shit but the A is kinda lost/hidden behind the R..If you had colors, man that would be fire right there..Lookin good Rush...Good shit people..!! See ya niggas tonite..!! Gotta get ready for tonites Drank and Sex marathon...
  2. My sister always brings sum fine ass broads over..I always tell her to hook it up but she wont..If your sister is fine with it and and beezy is too..hey why not?..As long as your sister is conscious it might fuck up her friendship with her if you just hit and quit..other than that..SMASH THE BITCH !!! By the way, next time your parents room is locked..Start bangin on the door..Cockblock his ass too..
  3. Congrats homie !!.. My boy havin a party tomorrow.. My girl said she wants to be there for a minute and then come home and have drunken Sex..cant argue with that..So I know for suretomorrow will be fun.. Hope you come up on sum cash..
  4. I need to flip one of those for my Lil girl.. Sunday breakfast with a side of Spongebob..
  5. Usually when that happens..I go get me sum drank.. /AlcoholicOner
  6. /No Homo right??..hahahah Well you know Im not keepin shit simple right?..Everything goes up on this bitch...!!!
  7. Awww man come on now..Shits just for fun..maybe that should push you to come out stronger and experiment with more stuff you feel me..
  8. It is never too early or too late to start drinking..The only time we gotta worry bout drinkin too late is when the clock bout to hit that 2 o'clock mark..and then having to wait till 6 in the morning to go back to the store.. If I had sum drank, i would get started right now..at least a couple beers.. By the way I only got like 3 hours of sleep and I feel good..I should try to take a nap doe.. *** Ohh yeah..if you decide to get started..Drink one for me..YYEEEEE..
  9. I Like the second one..Dope shit..
  10. Im everything you described ^^^^^^^^^../No Homo...I find my self fuken sleepy, lazy and tired if I go to bed early...but I feel ok if i only get a few hours of sleep..I have to wake up at 6am and Im still here typin..I should try to get sum sleep..
  11. That Rep you got sir will turn into a Fail for starting a thread instead of doing a Search..
  12. I actually liked your sketch..If you would've add more to it...lots of potential..Work on the 3d, that adds lot to the piece..anyhow.. Im going back to the old Random Word Generator..No unfair advantage here..Just random words.. http://watchout4snakes.com/creativitytools/RandomWord/RandomWordPlus.aspx * The word is RADIUS * Due date: Saturday 26th, 11:59 PM Sharp (No late entries, that includes ME).., East Coast , West Coast, Your Coast where ever you're 11:59 Sharp.. * ANYTHING/EVERYTHING GOES !!!!!!!!!!!! Lets try to get a battle going every 3 days or so.. After this battle we should all suggest Rules and all that shit..I know it aint that serious BUT setting rules will make it more fair to everyone.
  13. I aint gone front..I sported the MC Hammer colorful pants..
  14. I found this quote on the newspaper years ago... "This is maturity: To be able to stick with a job until it's finished; to do one's duty without being supervised; to be able to carry money without spending it; and to be able to bear an injustice without wanting to get even".. Yeah..sum like that..
  15. Damn you aint lying..Thats how it used to be here..Ama try to get Starz to make a comeback...
  16. I think Hayabusa took it right??..Thats counting the votes before all the entries were posted..Sumone keepin track of the voting ?..
  17. I thought this was bout when the doctor gives you the results for your std's test..
  18. Thats all me right there..Bout to hit 27 in a couple months..
  19. Dammit I should be home in less than a hour..Will post as soon as I get home..My bad folks...Im on the road right now...
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