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  1. YESS!!!! Bump this nigga..
  2. My mom bought my Lil girl bout $400 worth of Disney Movies for X-mas..bout 20 of them...I was like daaaaamn..all I got was a hat and sum shirts hahahah..its good doe..I know Lil Mermaid and Toy Story 1 and 2 by heart, since my lil girl watches that shit everyday..Most them movies have a lot of adult humor so they're not boring at all.. I just bought this for her, it costed me $50 but it was a good investment..The infamous Penis on the castle (Little Mermaid) To Infinity And Beeeeeyond..!!!
  3. Re: i want to see you late 2007 verion Dunno whos Inhaler was that...I guess is hers..Naaww thats not my girl..Just a "friend" you feel me..
  4. Killin the rest of that Hennessy..Had a 40..Then on sum E&J..I know I know cheap shit...But FUCK IT....EBPH..Wheres my HENN nigggaaaaa..... /FuckIhadaLiverSurgery ONER... Damn Thats SAD...
  5. RushawnWun.. OG Tripple OG..
  6. Re: i want to see you late 2007 verion Shoutin out my Niggz..Shes gone be on the Booty contest..I hope..hahahah..Yeeeyyaaaaa
  7. Hhahahah...Sum Pokemon type of shit... On a related topic......I know a couple folks aint gettin money of them "garffiti stickers for model trains" on Ebay.... Fuked up shit.
  8. I should be Vice-President or sum shit of Team Alco..Just had Liver Surgery and shit and still fuken drinkin..Not that Im proud of it but yeahh...Im off sum henn right now.. Have references from fellow 12ozers.. /SippinonHennessycauseitshellagoodandIaintgotshitodotomorrow Oner...
  9. No mames esa salsa roja se ve buena..minus the Fake Guacamole..or green sauce..Damn Im off sum fuken henny ..Im fuken hungry now..Trans post them carnitas again..hahahah...
  10. Kose Pier Destn Squirrel ..hahah Bump..
  11. I have a couple bad Boy bill cds..the Mistress barbara one and a few others if interested..let me know how to upload em and ill hook u up..Pm me your email or let me know how to do it..maybe u got shit I've been lookin for..Hollaaaaa
  12. Met dude Japan not long ago ..Cool cat.. Bump..!!
  13. I used to have shitload of UC cds..Lots of Hard House music..Dj Irene, Mark V and Poogie bear, DJ Lynwood.,Dj Attack, Dj Bam bam.. House blends..Dont know what happen to all that shit..Still a big fan of DJ Irene doe..met her a few times..Im more into Tribal Techno now..Carl Cox, Mistress Barbara..sum of my favorites.. /KiLL Or DiE Oontz Oontz Oontz
  14. ILLEAGLE....hhhahahahahah For some reason this shit keeps crackin me up..Hahahh.. DUMBASS Fuken kids..I swear...
  15. Dont start a thread without pics dumbass.. Close this shit..
  16. Daaamn..this shit is too funny..hahah...
  17. Re: SF Extravaganza Im down for most of that stuff..Specially the paintin and the Drank..tell 1988 to holla at me...Yyeeyyyaaa
  18. Re: Dear ________, - no homo Dear Beer, Why is it that you taste so good at anytime during the day..We on a thin line between love and hate, I love you but I hate your beer bellies..I think we need a break..Hello hard liquor.. No Emo.. KOD Dear Soft Porn on HBO right now, Why ?? Why? WHHHYY?? did I have to change the channel and you had to be there.. Them music videos were off the hook but decided to flip channels and there you go with your fake ass penetrations ..DAAMN YOU.. Now Im hard watchin videos again..Hhahahahah KOD..
  19. Aww man I keep gettin Emails from 12oz tellin me I got 0 invitations..Nigga gets all excited when Im bout to open it and shit..Just fuckin with my emotions..hahah..Its good doe.. ...But other than that, Raven you doing a good job with the site..With all the new shit poppin out this shit is gettin off the hook..Yyeeyyyaaa
  20. It was back in my senior year in highschool bout 98-99 , got a 12oz magazine from my boy..I started comin to the website but never signed up..I would just check it out here and there..used to come for Brickslayers but shit is gettin too whack now days..Channel Zero is the shit..
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