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  1. i saw it and it was awesome! for you who cant handle motion sickness i dont know what to tell you....and that helicopter crash had me thinking that i was gonna die!
  2. yeah, Omens comin with sick styles for the ocho huh?! lookin good man. komed, holla at me..gotta trade chips for whips.. heres an 08 painting i just did...a chunk of the chi-line...
  3. was Sicko any good? i just saw Juno...not impressed. I am eager to go see No Country for Old Men and anxious to see that There Will Be Blood or whatever its called..oh, and def gonna peep Cloverfield on the 18th!
  4. I just hope the movie is a hit...big big ups to my boy Mike (the main character/chicago-native)....the Black Donnellys didnt work out....i doubt u see this CME but merry xmas, lemme know when youre in town and we'll have a lil UED get together...break a leg.
  5. Im a big fan of the stuffed stocking when it comes to xmas, i got a few ideas in mind for the fammo, scratch-offs, gift certificates to the movies, maybe some good chocolate...i got a few other ideas ill post later after my purchase just to make sure they dont get sold out...what are some different ideas you guys got?
  6. i design and print shirts...you can peep some of them at http://www.novemshop.com
  7. ya it is pretty old stuff, i really need to get around to scanning more recent works...my bad.
  8. Re: Chicago's Finest - R.I.P.
  9. We all miss you Pete, your anniversary is comin up...have fun painting those clouds with Jay..we'll see you guys some day.
  10. Re: Chicago's Finest - R.I.P. R.I.P. Fener...Fene...Fe... DSI, STN, CAB, TFO CREWS...
  11. Re: EAT up a pitcher of gold fish
  12. http://www.novemshop.com
  13. http://www.novemstudios.com
  14. Founded in 2004 by a collective of Chicago writers turned graphic designers, Novem Studios produces original design apparel inspired by windy city life. visit www.novemstudios.com for further info.
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