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  1. bufme1


    http://audio8.com/mp3/Serengeti-ThunderValley.zip Serengeti-ThunderValley
  2. yes sir! cheap booze, hot women....this man speaks the truth, id move there if i could.
  3. happy st pattys homey..drinkin a guiness for u.
  4. yo Trust, what kinda camera u workin with? im diggin the flicks, the framing is hot too..
  5. id hit it raw.......every way possible.believe.....Chi-town.
  6. kobe is a bitch ..hands down...
  7. how else is team ramrod suppose to get in where he fits in?
  8. i think it would be hot if someone made a mix like that q-unit or that biggie meets blue eyes type shit, but with tribe over de la beats and vise versa........personally i like em both the same..cant really pick one over the other...
  9. murder murder - eminem ft. tupac
  10. this is an awesome documentary...steven spielburg is kind of remaking it called "Munich" i wonder how thats gonna be?, but id deff recommend buying this if you are down with documentaries. and that brothels movie was pretty interesting too
  11. ..not that much cash...d50 or d70???
  12. labrat-superdope kepha-pimpin ways-pimpin veinz-pimpin everybody else keep up the hotness...
  13. shes straight except for the numerous times she be givin the mean mug like shes about to shank somebody.
  14. November 09, 2005 Domestic Violence by Bobby Digital.
  15. bufme1

    I need a new bag.

    mine. burton got dope backpacks.
  16. i dont know how to post those links but... kick push by lupe fiasco.
  17. bufme1


    that blue eyes/biggie is hotness, what else you got for us Deto? dont know if your down with Twista but hes got a new album coming out called The Day After...check it out..
  18. yo flasko, holla at the email
  19. man im really dissapointed, i thought at least one of you 12oz junkies would be able to whip up a link for me, oh well.
  21. text message, phone calls, internet browser, addy book, calendar, memo pad, alarm, games, calculator, view pics, and thats what comes "stock" on it, you can also buy other applications, but right now im lookin for some free shit....any help?
  22. So i recently got a 7250 aint there any free downloads anywhere?...themes, ringtones, how bout some dope cases?
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