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  1. u think those are ugly?
  2. the picture to enter looks like the hybrid theory cover? http://www.utdallas.edu/~cme031000/images/Album%20Art/HybridTheory-LinkinPark.jpg
  3. i mean the last albums are all about complaining but they had good beats. the new cd aint that negative though. its like more refreshing and starting new
  4. i dont see anything wrong with them
  5. i dont see wuts so bad about them. all there songs are good
  6. what??! i like hybrid theory and meteora better. i heard some of the new songs and they dont have rapping, no super distortion, and sounds all plain. like it sounds simple. the last 2 cds had more distortion and a lot of background things and instuments in the song. some of the new ones sound really simple and no rapping. and the other albums had the graffiti etc stuff. this ones like simple and clean.
  7. dood linkin park is good. so was fort minor. mike shinoda is the shiZ!
  8. "Runk"

    flaming 16

    dood i never even had a girlfriend before. 0_0 im doomed. thats the first step
  9. "Runk"

    flaming 16

    its neva gonna work out fo me
  10. "Runk"

    flaming 16

    i dont got game nukka
  11. "Runk"

    flaming 16

    well everyone i know are 17 to 19. its cuz my bdays in december and shit
  12. "Runk"

    flaming 16

    and still single and a virgin. is that gay?
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