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  1. "whats up with this abracadabra shit... bitch, i dont need my dick rubbed..just spit on that shit and give me a fucking hand job..."
  2. we have adds all over the trains... but i mean... taking the hand of doom thing.. i kinda get the point... but thats like nike using graffiti to sell their products..in a way..wouldnt it be? is it going to run?
  3. freights are to be charished. I hate this whole..i dont give a fuck attitude. Respect to those who deserve it.:king:
  4. http://homepage.mac.com/contextor/.Pictures/Photo%20Album%20Pictures/2003-11-02%2022.32.05%20-0800/Image-38D897FA0DC711D8.jpg'> Why the hell would you write jail any ways? http://nothingbutfreights.com/pics/jail2.jpg'> http://nothingbutfreights.com/pics/jekajale.jpg'> http://nothingbutfreights.com/pics/fokisjaler.jpg'> http://nothingbutfreights.com/pics/jale6.jpg'> off nothing but freights
  5. dont worry they already got their mouths full..
  6. the ones you never want people to see always get seen!!
  7. thats some hot jesus soup right there!
  8. shit me purple and call me barney!
  9. Huf fand ill puff and ill blow your house down
  10. http://www.halcyondaysmusic.com/covers/november2002/bubblingover.jpg'>
  11. Canadian Boys and Girls BEAST AFEX STELTH TARS KOME!!!:king:
  12. that Spiders fresh..alot that tickle my fancy.
  13. this is fucking silly.... HOW OLD ARE YOU GUYS AGAIN?
  14. the wild wild west!!!:king: any one know when that book..how the west was won is comming out?
  15. One of the faves of the rails of mine.
  16. NR! Sight!! and outhers!! thanks,
  17. and.. alot of what looks like wasted paint
  18. allot of goodness here!!!!!
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