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  1. hardly a mentnion of anything outside of backpack hip hop. good looks on spazz, black flag, 7 seconds... some obscure randos: splodgenessabounds - graffiti silent majority - windows down (not really a great track...)
  2. is there anywhere to find these nibs in chisel or even bullet tip in bulk? (to fit a k71 or unipaint broad tip)
  3. ... if you have any of these, any color, in size 11, 11.5 or 12, please forward to my PO box.
  4. this stuff is pretty amazing. mostly working in 2D with all my design work and only getting into 3D with fabrication sculpture, i'll have to try this out. those images are pretty incredible. what kind of time is involved on one of those face models? considering someone is moderately experienced...
  5. intercity

    sidekick 3

    i won't be trading in my blackberry
  6. not streetwear anymore .... online wear!
  7. intercity


    to the best of my knowledge, these are long gone already. some dude on another board had a pair two weeks ago. those public enemy sk8 his are great... didn't supreme do those?
  8. intercity


    just picked these up. vitamin D is a compliment to vitamin P... both a huge survey of current painters and drawers. amazing inspiration books. as far as graffiti to design, i'd definitely recommend lodown schizophrenic I and II, writing: urban calligraphy and beyond, anything david carson (even though he's a dick), and the AKA/vapors shit is easily the best example of bringing the two together. i could unload my paycheck at http://www.youworkforthem.com every time.
  9. intercity


    wallabees will never be played. classics. i went for brown oiled leather. not really feeling the "football" leather and the sand suede gets dirty in 5 minutes.
  10. intercity


    ... on order. dunks are dead.
  11. intercity


    they need to put up that w)taps/aNYthing army tee with the taxi driver quote on the back up online... my homie is getting tired of shopping for me in the city
  12. intercity


    looks like the online store is up ... http://anewyorkthing.com/store ... there goes the eBay markup
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