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  1. jah division "dub will tear us apart"
  3. wtf.. this has nothing to do with our beardo.. so whatever.
  4. ill drink whiskey anywhere.. as long as its night.. nice photos harvey looks like a solid vacation.
  5. oh yeah and linderman.. is julia roberts brother.
  6. i enjoy this show..unlike lost its actually going somewhere.
  7. i saw this thread and ordered sushi..
  8. dude watch some of his other tracks like 'you say im ugly' 'i hate your friends' 'desperate times call for asian girls' hahah.
  9. hesh's emo vagina is showing again.
  10. this is a great thread. i remember seeing a site with late, sekty, erosie work on it.. would anyone happen to have a link.
  11. really really ill. http://tekkon.net/site.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV6Ahmd5JHg http://youtube.com/watch?v=aqSs2g4aqMU ..seriously..
  12. PANELS... and your hate isnt necessary.
  13. never had such questions and things done or asked to me in an interview...i prefer my interviews over a pint.
  14. ...man that is seriously the dumbest shit ever...
  15. ...theres things from prior episodes i really want to be resolved.. like the giant.. foot statue.. with the toes.. and the people who picked up the EMP signal at the arctic station.. those need to be retouched upon.. and also.. MORE COWBELL.
  16. yeah.. i think its all based around tablets because he refers to using the pen instead of mouse. I use a tablet, but being left handed i dont use it primarily. theres alot of problems initiating the pen as opposed to the mouse because of this. anyways i thought this was cool. http://patrickobrienfoundation.org/0/04%20Dub%20Will%20Tear%20Us%20Apart.mp3
  17. http://www.devilducky.com/media/57049/ this 3D GUI overview.. any of you User Interface/design/web people might find this intriuging.
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