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  1. ..the format makes for shitty artwork... the concept is cool..but ive been disappointed every time.
  2. my bad youre right.. shouldnt be stealing other peoples thunder.. sorry dog.
  3. i just got stoned by reading this.
  4. what about that episode..where he poops..and then takes the poop and makes it into a cellphone and then calls dominos... yeah hes pretty rad.
  5. no and the typeface the paragraph is set in is not the same as the type specimen above it.
  6. eh...dips in high alpine lakes...way better.
  7. an argentinian teacher in high school got me into it and got me a glass with the cork lining and a straw.. definitely a great coffee alternative.
  8. heres my criticism.. for a template flash site.. its pretty specific.. like.. what kind of clients need this kind of specific interface? its a cool experiment.. the eyeballs are a bit weird.. and since theres no changing curvature to the pupil (i guess youre just masking it) it looks like FPO test graphics. cool though.. i hate flash..so im probably extremely bias.
  9. no offense dude...but that dude scares the shit out of me..and i dont think its an intentional scary.
  10. bump for otoss and redy.
  11. only when i want to watch or am watching big lebowski.....and in that case i call them caucasians.
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