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    Mac Users

    agreed bleep bloop blop bloop bleep.
  2. with all the name changes and so forth i cant keep track of alot of the older people. theres def dudes still popping back on here from 99-2000.. anyways.. yo yo.
  3. koh. im pretty sure when mams and i were talking about walt..we were just talking about the actor who portrays walt getting older.. i think we presumed it was the island manifested as him. whats all this talk about hanzo and the philosophers stone?
  4. so the rival company has been mentioned other times? im kinda bummed tom friendly is dead.
  5. so can we assume that jacob and the shitty black cloud are either one in the same.. or.. of the same origin? jacob seems to hand down commandments.. the cloud seems to give judgements.. are we assuming that the chick with the phone is from some other company or some other part of the dharma initiative.
  6. mams walt fucking harry pottered on us for real. haha. well something is definitely up with mikhail because other people die die.. yet he seems to keep wolverine ing on us. maybe thats what makes him a believer....how ben has healed and such.
  7. thats pretty cool.. especially compared to some of the earlier work on there..seems he has developed alot..nice style.
  8. all good questions... honestly i just want to know who is in the casket. i want to know if walt and his dad are going to resurface. i want to know why the dude from the original inhabitants hasnt aged and why the fuck mikhail never seems to die?
  9. ketchup, all dressed, dill pickle or curry. thats whats up!
  10. ehh.. i want to see the watchmen movie...if it ever goes through.. or even a hellblazer..that wasnt a shit idea like constantine.
  11. ..that was a fun episode..next week will be alot more enjoyable.
  12. also.. different types of plastic take paint differently.. and you need to be patient and let layers of paint dry before painting the next layer. if thats frustrating.. go more assembly line and set up 3 or 4 figures youre painting in similar ways.. if you stagger it right youll be finishing one model in time to start on the next in the series. mams..im never complimenting you humble ass ever again.
  13. yeah dont use thing craft acrylics.. heres how i would do it.. and someone like mams..who is mastercraftsman of models can agree or add their two cents but. if youre repainting larger surface areas. do a light even sand with a lightweight sandpaper to get a surface texture paint can adhere to. if youre planning on repainting a light colored model black or dark..use a dark spray primer (or vice versa painting a darker model light). use tape and an exacto to mask out anything you dont want to overspray.. and dust 1 light consistent layer of primer. painting on top of the primed surface will make the colors pop better. since these models are small you want to be careful not to apply too much paint. so be systematic. test on the a less visible spot before trying something to see how it looks. paint layers can add up quickly and make something look like its made of candle wax or covered in shelac which doesnt look pro. good luck dude.
  14. yeah im pretty jealous too. btw i used that site..worked great..thanks ive been trying to figure that out for a minute. but now my phone is breaking.
  15. what paint are you using? it looks way to thick to be doing models that scale with man. either thin it out and apply with an airbrush or use model paint. key is application and viscocity. SON!
  16. thanks mams. you been watching the outtakes of tuxedo travels? those two are hilarious.
  17. Blackberry Pearl 8100 v4.2.0.64 (platform media and file version 1.0
  18. i.e. hacking so i can add programs, mp3s and other shit to my phone.. i have a blackberry pearl.. and i want to know how to activate it so i can send myself mp3's via mail and then set that as a ringtone.. there must be a way right.. dont noob me.. ive been on this shit forever..i cant remember the last time i made a thread.
  19. making fun until the cops come....
  20. oh shit! its good to see you back out! word up!
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