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  1. dont walk to fast might pass through the worng block/ dont stop, keep it movin/ the streets ull ruin the average man faster than, the mother fuckin teamsters union/ we doin dirt cuz we gotta/ five dolla a hour, three kids and my mother fuckin big momma/
  2. What do think my intention was? You make the most pointless comments.
  3. Re: rascist cunts You obviously dont know be, i would body a nigga- no joke.
  4. Re: rascist cunts Damn you need some counsling son, to keep you from getting down when you start bouncing off the wall.
  5. Re: rascist cunts Egyptians????? There half asian and half black. And Chinese and blacks have pyramids too. Oh yeah and Mexicans, basically the only people whjo dont have pyramids are idians(hinu variety) and White people...................................they are jst different like tat.
  6. Re: rascist cunts co-signed, this tells me all about the type of person YOU are, unless yuo were having a really bad day or some shit
  7. No.Wtestling is way. better than rap....Most of them are not gay/no homo
  8. I especially like the charge up load period quik motion, as well ass the wind blown dust kicker, but my favorite has to be the shroueken three tone colr highlights:laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1:
  9. NO way, shes way prtier then Nuatica, youre crazy, I think your saying that based on her flavor resembalence other that actual facial recognization techology
  10. When i used to smoke in my teens(On the regular lets say from 14-19, I never used to hear stuff, and i smoked a lot, you know? so now all of a sudden at 24 I start hearing shit every time i smoke, like for example: ill be walking past some black girls on the street, and ill hear: Why this nigga lookin like Bruce Lee and got a du rag on?
  11. I want to fuck her? dead up................for my pops. I know............:) :p ;) ;)
  12. By his eyes in that pic, he actually does look like he just puffed the lye.
  13. Those trees look like giant Banzai shits....No?
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