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  1. I’m going to try to add my own ramblings in here that will most likely be overly obvious. I’m approaching this solely from a technology standpoint. I’ve been here for a while. If I had to put a year on it, I’d say that I was first creeping around somewhere between 98-99ish. It was fantastic back then. The Beginning. You could see some true graffiti vets discussing style and exchanging mission/chase stories. It was a small niche community. At that time, I think there were a lot of lurkers like me. Cards got pulled when people talked bullshit, techniques and spots were still pretty wel
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  2. Not sure there's an answer to this. Its personal to every person. I know people that dont document anything. Its 100% the feeling of doing it. Others might do it for fame or competitiveness. Personally me... Graffiti was the vehicle that kept a group of good friends together. For some of those it meant something different but to me... Could have been sports or anything else, just happened to be graff. If you hung out, you painted. After a while, I got bored by it to be honest. I love the rush and adventure of bombing, but never really enjoyed piecing that much. Of all the art I've created, the
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  3. ^^same. like at 6 flags they charge 20 bucks to park. like "welcome! we're gonna take advantage of your situation right away." i had to steal from the gift store just to cheer up after that. I will probably never pay for stickers, unless they're eggshell or dollar store
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