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  1. Having a tasty pint at a quiet pub after a shit day of work.
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  2. props for getting out there in the winter..
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  3. I've always thought that coordinating mega threads would be a good way to start. I called it thread seeding... Pick a topic, person or crew and own that thread. Literally gather as much material on the topic as possible and aggregate / curate it so it's a primary source of info on that one topic, full of the best photos and links. Obviously some smart Google searches could result in something similar, but you need to know what to search andn take the time to do it. This would be a great way to stumble on new cool stuff and have it all preserved in one place so it can be evolved / built on.
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  4. Only way for it to pick back up is for us to keep on coming back and talking shit... Spreading the news so it snowballs. Instagram fucking sucks.
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  5. Well, everything* is selling really fast, what more could you wish for? *..except for the $8 BIC lighters maybe, haha
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