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  1. Damn I followed his thread/adventures religiously since I joined 12oz. What a loss 😞
  2. I feel it. But duude those posi rep points and gems back in the day tho..gotta keep up my internet cool points dawg
  3. Yo thanks for the recommendation, those second joints with the rubber might do well! Ima look those up.
  4. This is my go to shell. Ive found a bunch of these at my local goodwill so I have no problem fucking it up working outside in it or painting in it. The seals compete with any goretex jacket ive ever used. Throw the down puffy underneath it and its hella warm. I've just been rocking snowpants for most of winter on trekks around town or in the train spot wherever there may be deep snow. I cant be fucked anymore walking around in denim or anything like that in winter where the bottom half of your pants is just frozen solid after awhile. I have yet to find a casual looking snowpant for around town
  5. Just put a little more thought into your posts, be respectful. If youre in the toy thread, actually take the advice given to you by the other folks in there. Also, triple posting/multiple posts in a row like that is generally seen as obnoxious, there is an edit button on your posts for a reason. 12oz is dope, but internet forums in general at least in my opinion used to be a lot more savage and ruthless with cluckhead posters; so just remember that its the internet dont get your feelings hurt. Say stupid things, get stupid reactions. im boutta start a canvas and continue watching a
  6. i think maybe theyd be able to put your fingerprint on it if they wanted to get that sciency and spend the time and money. I feel like itd be easier for them to just send people to kill you.
  7. Oontzing for the first time since summer started it feels like, damn this place makes me laugh. I needed a smile today, glad I checked in..
  8. Had these timberlands at least 6 years now . was my daily shoe in the winter for 5 years until i got real snow boots. Many missions and hard day's on the farm in these boots.
  9. Besides all the old graff ones, skateboard-city and the SLAP skateboard magazine forum were my jam
  10. First good day I've had in awhile. Me n a homie spent most the day drivin around, lookin for spots and hanging out by the tracks.
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