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  1. trying to fit 4 people on a freight i got fuckin smushed in the middle of everyone, meanwhile my homie on the end of the freight with 5 letters has a huge fuckin piece. needless to say..im bummed on my piece and everyone burned me....fuck it im making a frozen pizza and drinking a beer
  2. this dude nark is a beast at doing hollows
  3. damn dude, awesome flicks! hope youll post more when you have a chance.
  4. That first video was some of the calmest camera footage ive seen from a fight video
  5. had a good day benching today..met some other railfan which was dope..pretty active today into the night
  6. homies didnt want to catch another spot after the first one. just watching cowboy bebop now with some jalapeno chips and a pbr
  7. that looks tasty. wish i had more places that served slices here.
  8. whatchu mean dude, you got that lazer powered pizza slicer
  9. The first is a homemade zaa with pesto, cherry toms, mozz and chicken. The second is from a local brewery that does real good pies as well, this ones called the elote - corn, peppers, onions, a chipotle-cilantro type sour cream. The thirds from this real bougie place that does wood fired pizzas and stuff, all local ingredients; margherita with shishito peppas.
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