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  1. simon sandleshit


    Haha thanks man! There was a whole pack of em, wish I coulda taken a better flick
  2. simon sandleshit


  3. simon sandleshit

    The Off Grid living thread (Dropping out the rat race)

    the journal is a good idea i didnt even think about that when i started. do you harvest the alfalfa yourself? alfalfa right?
  4. simon sandleshit


  5. simon sandleshit

    the NEW sketch thread

    that bevel is sick. that whole page is nuts dude you went ham in the detail
  6. simon sandleshit

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    my oven is super old and shitty. i just crank the heat all the way on broil then when i put the pizza in I turn it to bake, (read this technique somewhere off the internet but my stoned ass may have it backwards). I have a pizza stone and I bought a little oven thermometer since the reading your oven gives you is usually off. the thermometer was cheap and has kinda helped me learn to operate my oven a little better.
  7. simon sandleshit


  8. simon sandleshit

    The Off Grid living thread (Dropping out the rat race)

    thats a not too expensive of a solution and probably better than my tin can idea. i dm'd ya.. peppers definitely take awhile. i grew some randomly last season when i just began dabbling in gardening and I only got a few baby sized peppers before it became too cold.
  9. simon sandleshit

    The Off Grid living thread (Dropping out the rat race)

    im in southwestern montana! i looked at frost dates and when to sow the seeds and what not but its always so difficult to tell because I've seen it snow in late may here - so its always dicey even if the farmers almanac or whatever predicts it. However this year I guess I lucked out. I am gonna set up some like cans on on strings with bb's or something inside so when they run into them they make noise. I think that might work, might just be a waste of time; I am not really sure. All I have left worth saving are cucumbers that are still kinda behind, the snap peas, carrots(if rabbits don't eat them first), some arugula thats a late bloomer but coming up quick, and the tomatoes (mostly)
  10. simon sandleshit

    The Off Grid living thread (Dropping out the rat race)

    Damn those veggies all look dope. I cant waittil later when the huckleberries are ready for picking. I live in city limits but my house does give me some space to work with. My rental agency doesnt seem to give a fuck about what goes on with the property as long as rents paid. So i may construxt a better bed next season. The city cut up a tree after it fell in a storm so i hauled the logs to my house and used them as walls for a garden. I filled it with a bunch of different types of soil due to my budget and started everything from seed in the soil once i assumed frost had passed. 1st photo is from the beginning of june..looks different now. Bed is 20 feet long by 5 feet wide. Left to right: carrots, spinach, romaine, cucumber, kale, tomatoes, got pole beans and snap peas that didnt make the flick 2nd - lil planter of cilantro sage and basil, cilantro has mostly taken over. Started from seed 3rd - romaine, which has now been eaten by deer
  11. simon sandleshit

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    weve been making our own pizza for awhile i guess to an extent - we will buy the dough from the grocery store from a local bakery that delivers the pizza dough. then I usually saute some peppers onions and garlic (finely diced) and then mix in some red sauce and then add toppings! i love adding big slices of fresh mozzarella. i cant find a flick now but ill upload some next time we cook it up. the dough can be frustrating though thats for sure.
  12. simon sandleshit

    Forums that are still kicking ?

    looks like slap magazine skateboard forum is still active..i used to kick it on skateboard-city forum too but its pretty slow there last time i checked in
  13. simon sandleshit

    The Off Grid living thread (Dropping out the rat race)

    good idea to make little ones that go around the individual plants. i have some scrap chicken wire laying around somewhere i may try to install something tomorrow. ..ill have to choose the best plants to try and save haha I was actually hiking and stopped at a lake that was along the trail, found a fire ring where someone camped and they left behind a bottle of coyote scent. too bad i discarded it. thanks for the advice..i already piss in my yard anyway, doesnt seem to have any effect haha
  14. simon sandleshit


    dope..love the moniker shots in there. one of my favorite parts about walking the lines..monikers and streak tags
  15. simon sandleshit

    The Off Grid living thread (Dropping out the rat race)

    Wasn't having much problems with deer until now, first it was just a few leaves of a couple kale plants, now theyve eaten all my kale and romaine that was going and have eaten branches of other shit too..I'm too broke to install a fence so ive put some soap shavings down around the area to see if that helps repel them for now..