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  1. Thanks habit. It wont be easy but i think it must be done.
  2. Shit, so many goals and things I want to accomplish. Id like to quit smoking cigarettes and get back to going to the gym and jiujitsu (time and money are also my limiting factors here). I wanna pass all my damn classes at university and try and save for a vacation in the summer. That and to stay out of relationships and away from women, I need to learn to do life and be happy on my own. shit. I guess my biggest goal is just to be happier this year, 2019 was a shitshow and I've been depressed for at least two years or so now. Hoping a healthier lifestyle can help my brain...that and get more fr8s 🙂
  3. sick board collection. man i shake my head at the thought of all the cool graphics i had but thrashed and trashed. im smokin a joint. just got back from thr bar for some drinks with coworkers. this one lady whos a few years older than me and from germany, hella into punk and metal music. think she might be into me, i know shes gotta kid but not sure about a husband. jamming this:
  4. Exactly it raven. Except our greenhouse isnt dug into the ground like that. We plan to do that for the next greenhouse but make it kind of split level so that one side is accessible to equipment without hassling it up n down a ramp or stairs.
  5. To be honest I dont know a whole lot about it but I'll try to explain it as best as possible. So since, the soil temperature below ground is pretty constant year round we dug into the earth below the greenhouse - (not sure on the exact depth I was not there for that part). So in the big underground hole we installed like this ridged (corrugated?), black, plastic tubing maybe 3" diameter. The tubing runs lengthwise along the greenhouse from on end to another, the pipes stick out of the ground facing up so air can flow up and out. One end has a big blower on it (which we are currently installing), that will push the air out from underground either warming the greenhouse in winter, or cooling it down in summer. I'll try and get some pictures next time I am out there.
  6. Man. I am really more and more trying to put together the pieces of how I'm going to live off grid for my life. I was planning to grow pot and veggies for financial support as well as food. Right now I'm working on a produce farm with mad veggies, and right now we're working on getting a geothermal vent system installed that will help control the temperature of the greenhouse due to the constant temperature of the soil below ground. So I'm learning some really useful stuff, but theres so much more I need to know. I think I need to drop out of working in kitchens and start working construction so I can learn how to build shit. /stonedrambling
  7. Yo I love this! I'm studying horticulture at university right now so I'll definitely get down with this..That is a huge ficus!
  8. So is archiving the old threads going to get rid of the large threads that are still currently going? like "lets see your pets, nonsense thread etc.."
  9. Been busy trying to work and keep rent paid. Ive been lurking around here when I can. Havent had much time to bench, and when I get there its mostly coal rolling through with my luck. Got a scanner app and thats been helpful. Painted a cool tunnel sometime in November, was pretty cold and rainy, my homie set his spraycan on this rattlesnake. He was moving pretty slow but still sketchy as we had dogs and were hours from a hospital.
  10. Sitting on a lot of flicks, havent had much time to post and trying to be more selective about posting better flicks.
  11. Damn that Dallas jacket n slides are sick!! Just picked up this angsty shirt in white..
  12. Thanks man. Hopefully in the next few weeks
  13. Been working for the past 12 days straight aside from thanksgiving off. Burnt out on life. The dank memes thread is the only thing that cheers me up during my day.
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