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  1. Had these timberlands at least 6 years now . was my daily shoe in the winter for 5 years until i got real snow boots. Many missions and hard day's on the farm in these boots.
  2. Besides all the old graff ones, skateboard-city and the SLAP skateboard magazine forum were my jam
  3. First good day I've had in awhile. Me n a homie spent most the day drivin around, lookin for spots and hanging out by the tracks.
  4. dope flicks..man dallas is poppin right now.
  5. Been stoked on having free time. Downside is very little money and my paint stash has run low faster than expected. It smelled like spring the past couple days. Hope everyone is well.
  6. You dont want any good ol rebel babies?...
  7. Bought a fuckload of costco sparkling water to replace beers with. Since I got laid off about 2 weeks ago I've been drinking at least 10 to 12 a day..and shit this is the first day I can think of in a long time I haven't had a drink by 8 pm. Trying to help out my mental health which has not been so good for too long now...guess we will see how this goes. I need to up my health game in general right now, but i think if i try to quit drinking and cigarettes at the same time its not gonna go well.
  8. i liked how both of these super rusted hoppers, one had white lettering and one had black.
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