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  1. I don't think anyone is in any doubt that the Russians are facilitating the rebels/separatists/numpties - Putin could publicly back away all he wants but it would make SFA difference. Firstly, as I mentioned, Russia's national defence is more important than a Malaysian aircraft (may have been different if it was German, French, British, Polish, American, etc.) and that means this will not force Russia to back off. Secondly, those involved in making decisions are well aware of Russia's imperatives and no matter what Russia/Putos says publicly they will expect Russia to continue with defending t
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  2. Fuck Hamas, but seriously fuck Israel. A bad situation continually made worse by their inability to acknowledge their own border. re Ukraine: I'm curious to see if the UN is going to encourage an international involvement at this point. If Bush were in office he'd be jumping to hook his Halliburton and KBR buddies up with some more US war contracts. Its all a fucking tragedy. Anyone fighting and dying (or just flying overhead) is not dying for the principles they think they are. War sucks. A fat kid in a US flag print wifebeater just walked by my window...
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  3. Congrats to those here on their progress. To those struggling I found sodas/pop/cola always helped a lil with my cravings. Fuck the frail shit (booze) Two years sober today :) man, time flies.
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  4. #RIP Gramps I miss my grandpa...best sense of humor ever...always would clown around and make everyone smile.
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