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  1. Haha, some amazzing stories in here. Amazing. Thanks everyone. Shit worked out fine. I sat down, spent several brain numbing hours sorting out my CV and Linkedin and then landed a job at an independent streetwear/sneaker store. Yay, no more shitty design and chasing invoices, and I get a staff discount. Holy crap that hep story though. What a fucking bastard.
  2. Aww, that was short lived. Peeped the account the other day, that shit was funny. Yup.
  3. :pizza::hamburger::frenchfries::watermelon::wineglass::handfist::handfist::handfist::handfist::skull::spaceinvader::spaceinvader::lightbulb::fire::fire::fire::blacktelephone::bento::darts::incomingenvelope::hourglass::hourglass::hammer::gbp::crossedflags::crossedflags::openbook::openbook::skis::slotmachine: UM YES
  4. ThatDrawingBitch


    Been a long time. Forums looking nice, taking a peek about. Recent cops: Puma Trinomic R698 Olive: Purple Dynasty Pack Sky High (uber cheap cop so thought why not): Nike Air Max 1 Black Gold (GS/Junior): nike-kids-nike-shoes-junior-air-max-1-black-gold-4
  5. with the sleeves hacked off And a mishka bobble hat (can't find the exact one online) and probably my purple ewings. I'm a fucking hipster.
  6. It was all really bad timing as I'm going through some stuff at the moment, but I did get a call from the company ours worked with to see if I wanted to stay on with them, as it turns out my boss sold them all our stock and no one knows what to do with it. What a clusterfuck. Just hoping it comes off and that them approaching me means I will at least get paid the invoice that is in the ether with them at, Stress. Thanks for the stories, they make me feel better xx
  7. From my side of the relationship, the biggest things that made me question whether to get into it with Decy were the fact he is still married, with a kid and a wife technically. Suddenly not having free weekends was difficult, not gonna lie. Not just being able to do us all weekend. But we've adjusted to a pattern that works for everyone and now Decy's ex has stopped being a psycho from hell, it's easier. If you're questioning it, get out, because the priority here IS the kid. End of. This kid is already dealing with a dead beat dad and a mum who seems to be dumb enough to keep that druggy fuckwit in their lives, so... I'm never gonna be #1 in my relationship with Decy the way I would be if he wasn't a dad, and I had to decide whether that was cool. It is cos, I dunno, I'm me. and i got my own stuff going on, and I'm quite happy to spend 10 hours doing my own thing while Decy and MiniDecy get their quality time. Morton - when you're a "step" in the relationship, you learn the kid always comes first. The hardest thing is reconciling that with your own needs imo but it can be done. edit: that sounds a bit depressing but I don't mean it to be.
  8. My boss liquidated our company in the meeting that was supposed to explain hpw the general phase down would go yesterday. Literally said this is it and apparently left everyone to get on with it (I work remotely). The loyalty people have shown during two years of uncertainty for this dude (small company, seven of us, mainly long term, as in one woman is hitting her sixties and she worked there since 19). Everyone has shitty work stories. Let's hear em.
  9. I am going with sugar skull make up, costume yet to be decided. Consdiering a nun. Have always wanted a nun costume. Maybe little red riding hood.
  10. Aw man, so sorry for your loss. Something extra sad about knowing imo - the message he sent was amazingly brave and sweet. I kinda love the guy for that, he sounds like a decent man. Hugs for all.
  11. I'm on there, PM me for my @ if you like. Might have a couple invites left over too.
  12. Sat in the computer room at uni, waiting for a tutorial.
  13. ThatDrawingBitch


    I think I prefer the women's CWs for Asics - not much around for women's saucony in europe. DAAAAMN I saw Air Techs GS on ebay, the p&p more expensive than the kicks. WEEP. KICKS ARE THE BEST THOUGH.
  14. Just drooling my way through this thread. Drooling all over. Bojangles, Poesia, daaaamn. Super inspiring stuff.
  15. ThatDrawingBitch


    Love the 89s. Theo I got a mate who fucks hard with Sauconys, I'm liking them more and more. I also tried some Asics on the other day, shit was COMFY. Copped some volleyball shoes off ebay (same ol TDB). Comfy, comfy.
  16. Lowest common denominator bullshit crap. Will probably watch it just to laugh (see Ink Master, LA Ink etc).
  17. dee - trashy TV, wine, and a phat spliff does for me. Homework, research, Top Chef. Still full of four course home cooking from last night. le bloat
  18. Suppin a beer, smoking and pondering life. Also wiggling my toes.
  19. It's the 4th anniversary of my dad's death, and I know he'd get a kick out of being on this thread. He raised a vandal. So this thread is for the lost fam you miss and still love with everything, be it bio or not. Sorry if there is a thread for this. #RIP Dad Here is how my dad made a TDB: a) He helped make the most awesome little brother in the fucking world (and you say otherwise I will cave your skull in with my empty Beltons) - [bro] I am super proud of the hard-working, adorably geeky, polite, cool brother you are. Thank fuck one of us is generally calm or we might have reversed Earth's polarity by now. b) Bringing me back a NES from a business trip when I was 4 and ensuring that nurture wins when it comes to gaming. 3) encouraged my vandal ways from a young age with sarcastic book reading, merciless piss-taking of children's programming and in my teen years, by nailing every drunkenly stolen road sign to the outside of his shed. I love you Dad, and I hope your atoms are having fun crackin onto Tina Turner's somewhere in the universe.
  20. Some kiddy tried to start beef with Decy and within 10 min of his insta I had his real name, uni, and where he works. I don't get this, I'm super para about my face online and even other writers ask me why and I'm like... DURRRRRRRRRR
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