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  1. few sundays back on the south side of chicago. It started at this sketchy, most likely sinloa cartel drop off point/factory which borders a train yard. hung out in the yard for a bit... dicking around, scaring birds, benching saw on the other side of the yard that a huge mexican flea market was under way, hopped a fence and proceeded to see weird shit had our fill of mexican stolen good market and went to go peep a spot I had been scouting on the google earths...bought a some rum and proceeded to venture... factory was definitely on the sketc
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  3. Truth. Watch The High Cost of Low Price: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70040809?strkid=1411358169_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70040809 If you got Netflix. How can you blame people for doing this? And I find it insulting to animals whenever people disapprove of someone's actions and call them "animals"... I mean animals are the last innocence of Earth, I never understood this. Savages, maybe, (though not this instance) but not animals. Those were good Hindu flix though.
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  4. ..........................
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  6. some photos from my last day waiting for the Storm to clear out of the gulf. left the hotel in Lafayette, decided to head to New Orleans, then my hotel. crossing the henderson swamp in the atchafalaya basin stopped at the state capitol... downtown Baton Rouge went to death valley to visit mike... mike chillin... stopped at the mall to kill time... got some food at the food court... got to New Orleans and walked around left the
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