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  1. (please note the ALL CAPS title of the thread) ^^coincidentally made this thread, and then found this quote hahaha was sitting on the front page watching the Utah/Ether vids in Asia, and saw Cope2 doin what he does, and then realized i've seen him go absolutely beserk in some other threads...numerous times :lol: post em up..alot of the shit is hard to find cause he goes back and deletes it all, but the quotes from other ppl saved most of them (the ones without the original post have been deleted but are quoted from other ppl that quoted Cope himself in the OG thread)..and i
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  2. false. tpbm wakes up every morning and draws a new banger
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  3. false tpbm smells weed outside
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  5. i lied i saved the best for last
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  6. A old name I use to write, revisited for fun
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  7. yup, a page largely filled with trashers.. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ how bout this gunboat??
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