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Reminded me of the perfect meme for this occasion. It's aged like fine wine and has become more offensive now than it was a decade ago. ūüĎƬ†Magnifico ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

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I do. Personally not so much, but as far as Wikileaks goes I think it's an amazing contribution. I don't know if I'm a fan of his personally, he comes off like a creepy James Bond type villain. To most Americans he's kind of like a celebrity that's been found out to be on the shitty end of the less than perfect scale. Kind of like Bill Cosby, sure, he's a rapist, but I spent too much money on these Cosby sweaters to get rid of them.


I'm not buying the "surprise sex" charges that he took off a condom without permission. His word against hers, and quite honestly, it's a shitty move but not the same as real sexual assault. Never purposely done it myself, but I've broken them before, and drunkenly rode it out till creampie without realizing why it suddenly felt so good. I dislike him more for being vindictive against the Clinton/Obama and purposely trying to help elect Trump who I can't fucking stand even more than Clinton/Obama.


He's more of a hero with others people involved with  the Libertarian/Ancap crowd just for the anti state/freedom of information contributions he's made. There's also some Trump supporters in the U.S. that like him because in their minds, they're convinced Clinton is a criminal he helped saved them from. Strangely, they somehow don't support granting him a pardon/clemency though, and also think it's OK for Trump to be a bigger criminal than Clinton because... Still haven't figured that out those double standards yet.


Either way, more political Memerry:



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Wikileaks was a top notch idea that he fucked up due to his own ego and need for attention. Now he's refusing to believe that he has been utterly played and all those ideals that he lectured to the world about have done a 180 given that he's a puppet being played by people far worse than the govts he used to rail against.


He was always weak, that's why he's ended up in the embassy of a state that doesn't want him there, up on sex assault charges and being used by authoritarian govts for their political gain.



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3 hours ago, Mercer said:



He posted this meme, Twitter demanded he delete it to reactivate his account.

That seems a very strange thing to ban him over. His rants were quite entertaining though.


That meme he posted looks pretty fake to me. If you're interested in understanding the influence operations that happen on twitter have a look at this website and have a quick read of their methodology: https://dashboard.securingdemocracy.org/


It's pretty interesting how quickly they pivot on matters and how they play both sides to increase animosity and division..., which I'd expect that pic above to be doing.

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^^^Interesting stuff. I know people that otherwise understood the difference between trustworthy news, and something suspicious  pre election, now spout clearly incorrect facts they've found someplace on social media. Putin needs to shell out a few extra Ruble to whoever is running his psychological operations department, they've done excellent work.




















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