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This is now..



Saber 'round '94 or so..



Two Thousand Something...







Pysa 2001



Same spot 2007



Use Esk 31.. Mid to late 90s...






Use- YR


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sorry about the shitty watermark in the first pics....used to be really paranoid about flick stealing.

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Atome is dope. Remember first seeing his stuff in Flashbacks if I remember correctly...


I had done this thread before, but it lost.


I wanna some Swet and Kasino joints..


Dare TWS as well...

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Definitely a favorite... Bash LOD SH WNT DFB











There was a yard in the Frogtown part of L.A. You either knew it at as the 2 Yard or the Slaughter House which was the crew that mostly ran it. Over the years of going there I saw Bash evolve.. Crazy to see that kind of progress and growth at one particular spot. When the buff real heavy, dude went back to mad simple letters.. Wasn't worth the time or paint for anything else..


Bonus flicks:




Early 90s at least. Not sure what parts he did, but dope that its still around.

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this fucking thread for the win. finally, other than the hoffa zone I got somewhere to peep flicks!

and history. my nigga, good shit.


I got a grip of flicks back to only 08 since I lost 30,000 flicks and stopped giving a fuck.


but Gray DFW LA/Detroit, LOAF FBS, few local cats that did the damn thing back then,

what a difference 5 years fucking makes.


flicks after I sort through a 1000 or so. I don't want to water this thread down with bullshit.


once again, amazing thread.

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I don't have any recent pics, but these are some oldies worth a look. I don't live south anymore but if anyone can provide any update that would be cool.

So here goes:

Top left: Skate One CBS RIP - Budweiser Yard LA

Bottom Left: CBS Crew - Hollywood

Top Right: Spy One - USC Yard SFV

Bottom Right: Render Hert Soda USC - Usc Yard SFV



Top left: The old Hip Hop Shop off of Melrose - Hollywood

Bottom left: TCB Crew - USC yard - SFV

Top Right: AWR Crew - Bus - Only and others - PS Yard - North Hollywood

Bottom left: Toons One - USC yard - SFV



All flicks from the early 90's

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1992. And yes that is JA XTC and 125 CULT beef...



Round '09. Not the best comparison. He does a lot of collaborations...

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hell yeah! Toons TCB!


i tried to prop you for that (unfortunately i have to spread rep first).....Toons is a cool dude..i watched him paint some ill characters on the inside of a pizza store about 10 years ago..originally from sacramento..then l.a. then germany...i have something he did on paper for me back in the day somewhere in one of my black books...see if i can find it.

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