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  1. Just spending time getting the main hustle on point. As much as I could make from something on the side, I can focus efforts on getting the main thing to make that money in the same hours I already spend there.
  2. 100%juice

    Spray Paint

    without the benefit of being able to afford or get a connect on some premium paints (the ones which are good for steel) I'd suggest sticking with the rusto and trying new adapter and nozzle combos. I don't really use the rusto that requires an adapter since I have a stockpile of the old cans, but even at that.. trying a wide range of nozzles can yield a major difference in the flow and control characteristics of paint.. even the cheaper cans. try some new ones you've never thought to try with american paint before. short of racking it, or having a connect for it, or just straight up paying retail you got a few options.. 1. buy in bulk.. you'll get a much better deal even on the expensive cans if you toss 1k at paint at once 2. start distributing premium cans yourself (this also usually requires buying in bulk) 3. get some sign jobs. If you get some sign jobs then a part of the process is usually the person doing the job (you) ordering paint. you are the one who decides how much paint it takes to complete your job. 9 times out of 10 in the process of negotiating cost for a project you'll end up agreeing to take less than what you think the job is worth. padding your paint cost estimate is a great way to equalize that factor. so the job should take 40 cans? estimate it at 55 cans for example. in the end you maybe took 3500 for the job instead of the 4500 you bid the job at.. but you're also going to be walking away with some extra paint. im sure ive missed some angles but.. the sign job thing usually works pretty well. almost nobody wants to pay what a legit sign job costs but they have no clue how much paint it actually takes.. turns out to be a good angle.
  3. I see this thread has 50% more juice.. per the title. I'm just here to up the juice levels. That is all.
  4. pretty quiet round these parts. Those Horace joints and Sicr too.
  5. 100%juice

    Spray Paint

    picking up the discussion from the previous page about which paints last on steel.. I've had great performance from Montana Hardcore paint on panels. Some stuff I either saw personally or had benched as much as 7 or 8 years old still looking good. Little color fade or color change. Rusto obviously lasts pretty well. I've even had some panels I did in krylon come back 8 or 10 years later and holding up pretty well. The old krylon I have seen didn't tend to resist fading as much as the rusto.. but thats pretty well obvious even at the point you are painting it that there is some noticeable consistency difference. Part of it depends on how much paint you are applying. I tend to layer my paint. So later even after years of wear from weather and the sun there are vibrant layers of paint underneath the top weathered layer.
  6. fools i know doin work. not gonna name names. keep it movin
  7. Nothing wrong with an MK1 TT. They're supposed to be very fun cars. Never sat in one though. Totaled my TTS and got a TTRS kinda like this one it'll be fully built when things are said and done.
  8. that post you responded to is almost 4 years old..
  9. more STL shiz... but KC has burners.. this thread is kinda wack
  10. in North America the TTS only comes with DSG. No other option. The only way to get a manual in North America is to go in on a TT RS. This is my first German car so if things go good with it for a couple years then I will go for the TT RS or the Quattro that is supposedly going to be produced. Hopefully no such foolishness as offering only one drivetrain configuration for all of North America will occur on the Quattro.
  11. Thanks. It takes a moment longer to get into boost than I'd like but nothing that can't be resolved through IHE and a remap
  12. not sure how I somehow missed this epic thread.
  13. @protester got rid of my pursemobile last week and got something big enough to carry all my blowdryers and hair curlers! starting the build next week
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