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cunt sauce

Police murdered Derek Williams and covered it up.

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On July 6, 2011 Derek Williams was beaten by Milwaukee Police after being accused of robbery, and left in the back of their squad car to die. The police stated to the public that his death was of natural causes, despite his young age of 22. Last week the Milwaukee Journal released a video taken in the back of the car showing undoubtedly that Derek was murdered, as he gasped for air and was mocked by his arresting officer until the moment of his death (Later, the medical examiner found a broken bone in his neck). The agonizing last minutes of his life and the subsequent reaction by police are all captured on tape and has finally been made public in an attempt by his family to get some sort of justice for his murder.


At this point demonstrations are being planned for Saturday October 13. Please come to Milwaukee if you don’t already live here to support the efforts, or take action in your city to echo the devastation that this killing and every other killing by the police has caused. It is necessary to respond with utmost vehemence and rage each and every time the police murder someone down.


Here is a link to the shortened video:




and the full length video can be viewed on the tmj4 website.


*This video is utterly horrifying to watch, but Derek’s family wants as many people to see it as possible.

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sad. the second i started to watch it a news report about danroy henry came on :(...


and today was like the first day i wore a hoody since trayvon was murdered. crackers were lookin at me funny.

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originally, the medical examiner blamed it on complications caused by sickle cell- more specifically asphyxiation.


because it is always super sketch when someone dies in police custody, mke police chief, ed flynn reported that "the arrest occurred WITHOUT INCIDENT, NO FORCE WAS USED".


witnesses on the other hand reported that derek had his ass beat by the pigs before being arrested and thrown in the back.


after the cop-cab-cam was finally released, a medical examiner changed the ruling to "homicide" because the footage showed derek begging to be taken to the hospital because he couldn't breathe. if you look closely enough, you can also see that derek has scuff marks above his left eyebrow, most likely inflicted by a pig-baton.


they are also saying that he has a broken bone in his neck, but they never cared to look before because medical examiners usually take the cops word as truth..

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maybe dudes got tired of seeing him walk around like this:







i hate all cops, and i'm sure someone would beat my ass too if I acted like a nigger robbin peoples houses. should serve as a message. stop disenfranchising yourself by perpetuating stereotypes. rise above it.

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