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When the Chiefs have 6 Pro Bowlers you know the game is a joke. I'm with Perts, bring back the skills competition. I remember watching it one year and they had a competition to see which QB could throw the farthest. It would be great to settle all the fans stupid arguments about who has the biggest arm and shit like that. Hey maybe Tom Brady will show up to a Pro Bowl if they bring back the skills challenges.

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I think it's BS, when Lewis was asked about it yesterday he said "That guy made the same story in 2008, i don't give him any credibility" which doesn't say anything if he did or didn't use it but as pert said....who cares, the vikings wouldn't have gotten as far as they did without AP, i don't think the ravens would have made it to the bowl without lewis and his leadership.


4 days!!!!


also...HAHA at randy moss


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At least 10 restaurants in New Orleans aren’t willing to serve Roger Goodell this week




Hanging a man in effigy is one thing, but denying him access to the full spread of your city's famous culinary offerings? Well, that's just downright cold, New Orleans.


No matter whether it damages the upstanding rep of Southern hospitality, there are at least 10 establishments in New Orleans that refuse to serve NFL commissioner Roger Goodell any food or drink this week. Eater.com has been compiling a running list of restaurants and bars that are closed to the commish. They include noted sports bar Finn McCool's and fried chicken favorite Coop's Place.


Here's a slideshow of some of the more creative "keep out!" signs.


The local eateries, of course, are still steamed over Goodell's actions during the New Orleans Saints' "Bountygate" scandal and blame the commissioner for the team's playoff-less season.


For his part, Goodell responded to his less-than-ideal reception with good humor during his big press conference on Friday afternoon.


"I couldn't feel more welcomed here," Goodell said. "I had a float in the Mardi Gras parade. We have a voodoo doll."


He then got serious, acknowledging the Saints' big role in the return of the city post-Katrina and giving a big nod to the team's dedicated fans.


"The last couple of nights, I've been out with a lot of the people I worked with after the Katrina tragedy and we all reflected on how well we worked together ... I understand the fans' loyalty is to the team. They had no part in this (bounty scandal). They were completely innocent. I support their passion."


If not their reservation policies.



ha, that's tight.

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AP winning MVP and offensive player of the year, i guess they had to give something to manning...haha come back player and RG3 wins offensive rookie, Watt DPOY!



also hall of famers announced....Ogden from the Ravens!!! People tripping about strahan not making it in....he had that one big season with the sack record...i didn't expect him in this time.

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every team has wack fans.



I agree with everything but comeback player. AP tore his MCL and ACL, right? Then he comes back and pretty much single handily carry's his awful team in to the playoffs.


Peyton did some good shit too, but he took pretty much the same team TEBOW took to the playoffs, and didnt even get as far.


AP shoulda tripple crowned.









also, gotta give it up to Witten being the Walter Payton man of the year. Dude is pure class.

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