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Matt Ryan did choke, for everything good he does he has to also do a ''fuck-up''


That being said, I told you nurgas all year it was the year of the Raven.

Joe Flacco's hit list this year:

Eli Manning: Check

Andrew Suck: Check

Peyton Manning: Check

Tom Baby: Check.


Fuck your elite QB, ill take my boy Bazooka Joe.


People are finally seeing what ive been saying for 5 years, the good thing is that they can no longer ignore him anymore, and what a better end to a HOF career like Ray has had.


The Patriots ''dynasty'' has been over, and the AFCCG was the final nail in the coffin...thank god.


On to the Harbowl, god damn it has been great being a Ravens fan.

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Patriots can suck my dick, most overated team in the history of football.


All the Pats fans fizzle at the mouth when you bring up spygate, but why havent they won a big game since then?


They play in a freebie division and get about 5-6 free wins a year, and the easiest god damn schedule, time after time after time.


Rules are made up for them, and if you havent seen atleast some bias in their games over the past decade, then you need to puff puff pass that meth.


Thats why when they play a real team they get their ass kicked, the ref's tried to throw it their way early and even that couldnt stop the Leviathan.


Fuck the Patriots, Fuck Tom Brady, Fuck BB, & fuck all their bandwagon fans who will disappear when Brady does.

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Haha Silba, you guys arrent going anywhere with Cutler.


Da Bears have most the pieces they need, but my boy JayJay isnt someone who

can get it done.


Also have you guys filled the coaching slot yet?

Firing LS wasnt a great move...but maby they thought he'd be a black Andy Reid.

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Yeah we got Marc Trestman.


Never heard of the man, but he is an offensive minded coach, with a specialty in QBs.


I think he can coach Cutler to a superbowl.


All we needed was someone to cater to the defense. I just hope they dont forget the D.

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He's a great coach! Coached the Montreal Alouettes for 4 years and won 2 grey cups and also won coach of the year. I don't know how he will adjust from CFL to NFL but i'm sure he will be good for Cutler since he has been a QB coach most of his career.

When he was getting interviewed by nfl network or something he said "It's going to be nice to have 4 downs" haha i found that funny.


Also.....RAVENS! I'm so happy they beat them by more than a field goal, it felt soooo good watching Brady struggle, and him sitting on the ground when he got picked hahaaha


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Fuck the Pro bowl


11 new players attending due to Ravens/49ers Superbowl...


Cannot wait, yet cannot get enough of my team and my QB getting the lime light.

Niggas still saying they'd rather have Matt Ryan than Flack....pundits just can't get their head out of their ass and admit when they're wrong.


Non-Bias, how could you ever say that and not vomit in your shorts?

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i've always thought of Matt and Flacco to be very similar QB's. I dont know how accurate that is though, since I don't watch many of their games. Hoping your team wins next week, I think it's going to be an amazing game.


But yea, fuck the probowl. Hope they change the format to some skills challenges or some shit. Something players actually try at.








On another note..... It looks like JJ is doing something smart for once and hiring a bunch of guys that coached under Gruden. Looks like he'll be coming to Dallas soon. Not this year though, probably.

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