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Pretty Wild

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"Yes, I was, uh... I was thinking about ordering the tape, the videotape... about the college girls and the... the wild... the wildness. Theyre going wild or something? Somebody told me... about going wild."

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Gandhi is my inspiration. I love his passion for change.

My biggest fear is alligators.

I absolutely love pickles and anything with salt and vinegar!

I've never exactly saved anyone's life—but when Alexis got bit on the vag by a spider, I carried her over my shoulder into the ER!

My absolute favorite place to be is inside the ballet studio.

I'm secretly in love with Brandon Boyd of Incubus.

think men are fun, stupid, sexy drama-bringers!

My first kiss was in the sixth grade. We were in a Barnes & Noble elevator. He reached over to kiss me and put his tongue in my mouth. I ran out and straight to the bathroom to wash out my mouth!

My most embarrassing moment was when I pooped in my leotard and tights in ballet testing. I was so nervous!

If I were an animal, I'd be a monkey because I am really good at using my feet—and they're supercute!






I once was almost kidnapped while in Paris.

I have a secret talent for singing opera.

I think Tim Burton is incredible. Sean Penn and Johnny Depp are my acting idols. Night at the Roxbury is my fave movie.

Cartel is my favorite band, but I like everything from rap to hip-hop to rock to jazz to the blues, particularly from the 1940s.

My can't-live-without foods: cucumber rolls, miso soup and sorbet.

My secret celebrity love interest is Shannon Brown! Hottie!

I once had my fake ID ripped up while having a shot with Paris Hilton!

It would be cool to be a mermaid—half fish, half sexy bitch!

My favorite author is Deepak Chopra.

I love to flirt—I could be addicted to hot boys!





My mom is my hero. Even though she isn't always perfect, I would never be the person I am today without her.

Most people don't know this about me, but I love cooking!

My favorite music: techno-house and drum and bass.

The happiest moment in life was when we found out we got our TV show!

The one food I could eat forever is tacos.

My secret celebrity love interest is Robert Pattinson.

I'm addicted to Pinkberry.

My favorite actress is Rachel McAdams.

If I were an animal, I'd be a bird so i could fly!

The one thing I could simply never live without: my family!





Oprah is my biggest inspiration.

I am an energy healer and holistic health care practitioner with over 2000 hours of what most might consider crazy certifications in holistic and energy medicine.

I had a decade-long career as an international fashion model, represented by Elite Model Management.

Back in the '80s, I modeled lingerie with Cindy Crawford for the upscale chain of departments stores I. Magnin.

I left home when I was 14, and pretty much raised myself from that time on. I was blessed by having a couple of guy friends who were photographers and makeup artists back in Madison, Wis., where I'm from, and I had my first national magazine cover when I was 15 years old.

A cool "secret" most people don't realize about me: I came out to California in 1985 to meet up with the bassist from Pink Floyd, Guy Pratt, who was flying in from London and working on Madonna's album. We'd had a romantic relationship for 10 or 12 months, and I was blessed enough to see them in concert at the Buddha Kahn in Tokyo in mid '80s for an awesome concert!

My favorite city on earth is Tokyo! I love excitement, the lights, the shopping, the smells of incense burning in the small shrines along the back streets, the night life, the food, the language, the people.

I was once addicted to cigarettes and Diet Coke. Now, I'm addicted to cuddling with the people I love and care about and the bliss I feel in deep meditation.

I think Angelina Jolie as an amazing actress and humanitarian.

I love classic rock as well as the spiritual music of Daniel Nahmod. Rickie Byars Beckwithinspire my life daily over the last 12 years.








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so tess is a playboy model and they are all trying to become models...her mother andrea is whoring them out.



/end thread

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