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  1. My buddy fought on the undercard but the prefights were on hdnet...guy he fought was named "something" leone, my boy leberge broke leones nose and the dr.stopped it after the first..kinda boring fig ht but real bloody!...he's like the thousands others trying to make it.
  2. Making of a pretty good show, I like how they threw a hot chic in for his daughter just incase your not into boxing
  3. I shave myself with a straight razor, then again I'm a master barber. I use a brand called derby blades they look similar to the shark blades posted above. I get boxes of 100 for $8 from or barber supplier at the shop. I feel a good blade is important but equal important to the process before you shave. Heat is the secret, shaving in or directly after a steamy hot shower should help. We do a whole process before we shave that I dont feel like typing...im not a douchy protect the trade type dude but feel free to look up a "14 stroke shave" process. As far as elecric razors, ive mentioned in here before, "wahl 5star shaver" best one ive used, very simple very good. I use it all day for bald fades and quick face clean ups when I dont have time for the shave. Easy to clean too. I recently fought in a boxing tournement, apparently usa boxing wont allow you to weigh in with facial hair. I had a trimmed but full beard, homeboy sent me to the bathroom with a single blade disposable razor and a bar of soap. The water in the bathroom was luke warm at its best...neadless to say it was horrible! I would of been better off with sand paper....to finish the story I weighed in and they then told me I had a bye week nd could head home, I almost punched him.
  4. Damn I thought this was a coffee milk appreciatin thread, still haven figured out why this shit aint global! Cawfee malk ftw!....with a lunguica cheese roll!
  5. Got ten cases stashed, ill give it till the local college gets back from xmas break to bring it back out
  6. What ever happened to drinking beers and doin blow...let me guess thats illeagal
  7. Damn only 17 fights is 12 years? Igot that many in a 1/4 of the time...i mean am records dont mean shit, just about gettin the expierience in so if you go pro your ready. Ive american kickboxed and regular boxed, I enjoy standard boxing more. Althoug thai is fun to watch, not for me
  8. There wasn't to many leg kicks at all, I noticed that with the exception of edgars that end up being a leg sweep and looking alot worse than it was. I thought marcus should of leg kicked diaz alot more too, it was wide open and it might kept diaz a little more out of reach
  9. Lol going on my 23 hour of being up getting a little loopy
  10. Just got back from the fights...good times,my first one since it was the first one in mass. Yea the undercard were better I think. Joe lauzon (local guy for me) killed it, He can use a good win coming off his last fight. Nate diaz was fun to watch as much as I dont want to like him, but I do for some reason. That dudes eye looked real crazy in real life. Kenflo was a big let down for a local crowd. I thought he did good but definatly not enough. I was rooting for toney being a boxer, but it turn out just as everyone thought. I did want couture to throw with him for a few but he knew better and went for the business. Bj really wasn't doing bad on his stand up,a few take downs and they would of been a little closer but over all edgar looked better. I kept waiting for penn to wake up and be more aggressive but it didnt happen till late in the last round... the fan expo was really fun tooo
  11. nevermind the tattoo but the art work is horrible...who is ok with that, like in the best case scenerio its still bad
  12. lol i hear kids in the gym sayin they cant wait to get califlower ear, i dont get it
  13. Jive ass talk... Thought we were talkin haircuts
  14. lol this is the first i heard of no razors, i havent traveled that much in my time but i assume everyone was onto straight razors, it isnt anything new, they go back as far as barbers do. i mean i got my liners sharpened up tight but nothing does it like a razor does...except my wahl 5-star shaver for bald fades ftw. if you want the best baldy an electric razor can give grab one of these..best $50 ive spent in a while
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