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Wilson Bennett.. Classy guy

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Wilson Bennett “Out Roared” Tiger Woods In The Ladies Dept.



Wilt Chamberlain once famously claimed to have slept with 20,000 women in his lifetime. The controversial boast, in Chamberlain’s 1991 biography “A View From Above,” subjected the former NBA star to ridicule and criticism.

Former Los Angeles Lakers player Magic Johnson criticized Chamberlain’s statement and former tennis great Arthur Ashe questioned the truthfulness of Chamberlain’s claim.

But in his book, Chamberlain seemed to anticipate the criticism as he insisted his numbers were roughly accurate. “Yes, that’s correct, twenty thousand different ladies,” he wrote. “At my age, that equals out to having sex with 1.2 women a day, every day since I was fifteen years old.”

Now another former NBA player is going public with tales of his own sexual promiscuity. Former NBA player Winston Bennett admitted recently that he had sex with 90 women a month while he was playing basketball, according to the Huffington Post.

Bennett, who has been married to his wife Peggy for more than 20 years, says he is addicted to sex. Women served as a drug to him, he told ESPN. “One was never enough,” Bennett said. “Three or four a day was very typical for me.”

In 1983, while he was still in high school, Bennett said he was having sex four times a week. He even said he had sex the day after his wedding. And he said he seldom used protection. His wife eventually contracted two sexual diseases from her husband.

“It’s hard to say which I loved more,” Bennett said. “Was it basketball or sex?”

The disclosure comes in the same week when Tiger Woods, who recently admitted his own sexual addiction, announced that he will be returning to golf next month to play in the Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia.



Day after wedding day ftw haa Oh ya he said if sh cheated hes leaving.ha awesome

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Day after wedding day ftw ha


I have no problem with dudes cheating, but that's foul.


One of my best friends had a kid recently, and called me the morning he was born to grab breakfast with him. I showed up and he's sitting there with his side chick, while his girl was at the hospital with the baby. I was honestly a little disgusted

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Thats the type of shit im talking about. Im selfish but this dood took took it beyond all that. Total scumbag shit

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