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pythons taking over the USA (not Monty)

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burmese python in florida everglades




Python 'Invaders' Spreading Beyond the Everglades

Posted on: Friday, 22 February 2008, 06:00 CST


The Everglades apparently isn't big enough for the giant invaders, who have grown fat, happy and increasingly numerous on a diet of unsuspecting natives. Over the last year, pythons have been found in the wild from Key Largo to Glades County -- and a new study suggests the exotic predators could spread beyond South Florida.


Far beyond.





python vs gator




Python proliferation in the Everglades

Wildlife biologist says non-native snakes could impact ecology in Florida


Python vs. gator

Oct. 5: Joe Wasilewski, a wildlife biologist, talks about a python found in the Florida Everglades that died while trying to swallow an entire alligator and the reasons there are a growing number of pythons in the area.



What happens when a 13-foot python with an appetite runs into a 6-foot alligator?


Recently, a case of that matchup was discovered in the Florida Everglades. It ended in a tie when the python exploded, leaving both beasts dead.






this is what happened when brown tree snakes invaded guam

they wiped out almost all of the native land birds

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This is the shit that happens when irresponsible reptile owners let their pets go outside. Florida has so many introduced species its not funny. I'm about to buy some cobras and release those instead, way more awesome then pythons.

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I live right near the glades.


When I first moved here when I was maybe 3 a huge one came out into the street and my neighbor took that bitch out with a shovel. Beheaded it.

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