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The land of cheese, chocolates, bank accounts and army knives...

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in other words......Switzerland.


Ok, so i spent the last week on vacation in Switzerland, and took some flicks...now im making a thread about it.....


first off...sorry in advance if the quality of the pictures suck....or if theyre blurry....im not a professional photographer..


So my trip started out with a 5 hour flight into New York's JFK airport

then a 6 and a half hour flight into London's Heathrow airport....

from there it was an hour flight into geneva switzerland...


heres a map of switzerland (geneva is in the bottom left hand corner of the country):




and here is the flag..






during the trip i bounced back and forth between the city of geneva and lausanne (also on the bottom left hand corner of the map) which are 2 cities both on lake geneva (known as "lac leman" by the swiss)...


i took the train between the two cities, which is about a 35-40 minute train ride (including stops at the small cities in between).


so all the pictures below are from both cities..





^This picture is of the "jet d-eau" in geneva, which is a fountain that shoots water up into the air..(one of the largest fountains in the world)....




heres another view of the lake in geneva...on a nice day..





(I am going to share more pictures in a minute..so just bare with me for a sec..im posting them in order)

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so it turns out things in Switzerland are pretty expensive....including the food and drinks...


first night in switzerland and i went to a restaurant...


ordered a small bottle of coke (1/3 of a liter)....

it came out to 6 CHFs (swiss francs)..




^heres my 6 franc coke.....by the way...the exchange rate we got was 1.05 francs for every $1....so 1 chf = 1 dollar...so yeah....thats a $6 bottle of coke.



and one of the foods they are known for is fondue....its basically melted swiss cheese mixed with white wine that you dip bread in...




^and it cost about $30


heres another flick of the fondue pot with the cheese in it..





but i ordered this pizza....




it cost $18....


notice the burnt crust....

it had anchovies and mushrooms on it.....and i hate both anchovies and mushrooms...but i didnt know what came on the pizza cause the menu was in french...and i dont know how to read french.....even though i could read the word "pizza"

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well....time for dessert...so we went to this place called movenpick (with 2 dots above the "o")...heres a picture of what $11 ice cream looks like..




but this shit was actually pretty fucking good!...

they put fruit in the ice cream....like little pieces of pineapple and apple and oranges...with some fruit syrups gelato type ice cream, whipped cream and a small wafer thingy...

i liked it.

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the next morning in geneva i woke up to the sound of traffic and people...

we got a hotel close to the train station, so we could hop back and forth between geneva and lausanne...


heres the view from the hotel window..






and heres the view to the left of that view..





this was a nice hotel....but we had to break hella bread for this spot...the only reason we had to get it was cause all the other hotels in the city were booked up...


but at least we had a nice flat screen...





^watching "parental control" on mtv......dubbed in french.

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heres a flick of the train tracks at the train station (looking towards france)..







heres the view looking the other way (towards the city of lausanne)....



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here is the lobby of the hotel in geneva...before checking out the next morning...


(this was the best hotel we stayed at during the trip...but it was also the most expensive)..







heres the rest of the lobby..



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after the train trip, we ended up in lausanne on the 2nd day....lots of construction going on in the city..but it was nice none the less (smaller and less populated than geneva)..






heres a view of some of the old cathedrals in the city..



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after a few hours of walking in lausanne (which has lots of steep streets-both uphill and downhill like frisco)...i stopped into a restaurant to get some lunch...


i had spent too much money on food...so i tried to get something cheap from the menu...


the cheapest thing that sounded good was pasta....


it cost $29.....but for $29, i was expecting them to take ou the shells!!



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after eating my $30 pasta (which took 50 minutes from the time i ordered it till it got to my table)....and downing another coke ($4.50 this time) with it....i decided to continue walking around the city..


i saw some fancy hotel and decided to flick it...

it looked really luxurious and pricey...

it was called the lausanne palace..



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and it had pricey and luxurious cars parked out in front of it....so i decided to flick them too..





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later that night im walking around and enjoying the night life...when i notice this club called "MAD"....


it looked like there were a lot of people enjoying themselves there....and it looked like a fun club.....but the music was way too "oontzy" for me!...


but the side of the club had a huge condom on it...





did some more walking and saw an office building with some of the worlds flags put up in groups of two's...


i found it interesting that they put these two flags together...good idea..



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so, if you guys remember DAO's thread titled switzerland wtf?!...about the racist political party in switzerland....here is one of their posters..




almost every single one of their campaign posters has been ripped or vandalized somehow...

i saw nazi signs drawn on this guys head...

their political party (UDC) crossed out...paint thrown on the posters etc.


all because these guys are trying to get rid of the foreigners.


(the sign here over this guys face reads something along the lines of: "this guy considers himself a sheep"--referring to the posters his party put up of the white sheep kicking out the black sheep).

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ok...by the end of day 2...too much money was being spent on food alone!!

so we thought...maybe we can get a cheap meal at mcdonalds here in lausanne...


boy were we wrong!...


we order something on the menu called the "chicken mystique" (2 of them) and 2 fries and 2 cokes....and 3 packages of ketchup (@ 20 cents a piece)...


yeah...the two meals came out to $25..






but i do give the swiss mcdonalds credit...


they had shit on their menu that i had never even seen....


like a 5 piece of shrimp with cocktail sauce ($7)....the infamous "royal cheeseburger" and the "mcveggie burger"...


oh and the mcdonalds had a flat screen tv in it....it also had a playstation 3 and 2 controllers (for the people waiting in line)...and ipods built into the walls hooked up to headphones....so you can listen to mp3s while eating your food...



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back to geneva the next day.....

weather started getting too cold....clouds moved in..

i mean...i know switzerland is supposed to be cold and all...but i got spoiled because of the two previous days ...


anyways i liked this building cause it reminded me of the clock tower on back to the future...so i flicked it..



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there wasnt too much shit to flick in the city....so i ended up flicking the jet d'eau again in geneva..






and again....





and again...





and again...



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this was a monument dedicated to like a pope or something..





heres a statue of some naked hoe..



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so we get to this restaurant in geneva right....


and we order this french dish called "entrecote cafe de paris"


its basically steak in a garlic/butter sauce...


shit was delicious..





they bring it to you semi-cooked and you cook the rest of it by placing it on the hot spot of the tray...which is held over a burner..


we ate it with "pomme frit" which is just a fancy french way of saying french fries.

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