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do you have anything smaller?


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It's true, I know all about how your change float will be at a minimal amount as to discourage robberys.


Glad to see someone has a perspective of what it is really like, but yeah, it can be shitty as a customer to not be able to get change, and then be upsold or whatever so you can eventually buy something.

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Taxi drivers always do this shit to kind of force a larger tip out of you. Jerks.



Note:Down under tipping is not what it is in the U.S of A.



skull....when putting one of these----> : next to one of these------> D, you should use a space or else you'll get one of these--->:D

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they have petty cash kept elsewhere so that they can change the large bills into smaller denominations

its true of all stores

your just dealing with a bunch of wankers



Yeah I know, but the pizza place across the street has the smallest amount of money on the register at all times.

They never have customers, and when I go there they still got only couple of bills and small change.

You can see the drawer on the register. They've had all day to prepare for a customer with a 20€ bill


If they do have petty cash on them, they sure arent using it on the register, ever...

The money is probably on the fools making deliveries

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i hear you on the way that money is handed to you. like the recipt, bill, and change all in one handful. plus the way they rush you off as you are trying to put the change in your wallet and seprate the bills into the bill holder.


i too worked retail, and as a waiter holding my own bank and i do understand that it is annoying to get 50s and 100s handed you in the morning but thats apart of the business is getting change from the safe.


the other day someone gave me a euro penny and when i gave it to someone they gave it back to me. like what am i going to do with a euro penny now? i just gave it to another store.


now what about when the tab is say 16.04 and you give them 21.04 and they hand you back the dollar? im like no give me a $5 bill. they get confused.

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yeah i kno. i was so disappointed in myself

that i lost my appetite. Twas a little caeser.

home of the 5 dolla hot and nasty.


hahaha, you know what's up with those 5 dollar pizzas. i ate like 3/4 of one of those the other week. what came out the other end was a total chemical disaster. oh sheeyat, the hot 'n nasssty.


Though, I could go for some crazy bread. oooohweeeeee

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now what about when the tab is say 16.04 and you give them 21.04 and they hand you back the dollar? im like no give me a $5 bill. they get confused.


This happens to me every single time I do this.


I was once given a dodgy note from a clothing store, a 5 dollar note that looked like it had been in the sun and faded a real amount. Anyway, I went to blockbuster trying to hire a movie, and the asian fuck wouldn’t accept it. I argued for about 3 minutes, I did have a 10 dollar note but I didn’t want to carry a pocket of shrapnel around.

In the long run, idiot wouldn’t accept the note and I gave in.

The next week I returned the videos and rented out some more, I gave him a 20. And he pulled out a 10 dollar that had been ripped and sticky tapped together, I stood there looking at the note in my hand for about a minute, then I asked for another note….


I laughed at him, he didn’t know what was going down. I sure as hell did, he was my bitch now.

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whats with retards that dont accept $50 and $100 bills?


i always say no even if i do have it. like what are you going to do refuse to sell it to me?

this shit bugs the hell out me. its money. give me my change moron.

this is primarily an american thing. ive never been asked that question in any other country ive been to.


then every time i give someone a 50 or a 100 they have to put it in the light, mark it with a marker

give me some look as if im an agent of north korea here to counterfeit the american currency.

does anyone know the rate of which businesses recieve fake money? my guess is its very low.


big bills reserved for pills and other cheap thrills

small denominations... no reservations.

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I used to work at an insurance firm and change was always a problem. 98% of our business was done via monthly payments, interac, or credit cards, so we never had much cash in our float, but then we'd get that customer who wanted to pay his $809.50 premium with nine hundred dollar bills. Sometimes I got stuck running next door to our sister bank to get the cash. It always seemed to happen on days when it was pouring rain and my co-worker was sick, meaning I had to close up fucking shop while I got the change. But I never blamed the customer, its just annoying.

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i remember that when i was in new york the subway ticket machine retuned change in sacajawea coins.....i was like wtf?....id rather get some dollar bills back.


this is one of the most annoying things ever, the first time i took the metronorth i was only goin a few stops and i paid with a twenty and got back a massive amount of those things, that shit pissed me off....

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today i went to cockbuster video. the guy in line before me gave a $50 dollar bill and the white trash cashier woman went crazy on him saying its a slow day and she cant except a bill that high.


well i only had a $100 dollar bill and four singles.

the total was 14.38 i gave her 104.38.

she said i cant accept hunners its store policy.

and i say well all you have to do is give me a 50 and two 20's.

she replies dont you have a credit card or somethin?

umm no.

well i cant accept this.

then what do you want me to do?

huff well i guess i have to take this but only this time. dont bring another hunner in here.

she gives me my four singles back and proceeds to give me $86 in change. (one 50, one 20, one 10, and five singles)

what a winnner i thought.:lol:


from now on im paying with hunners every time i go in.

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