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  1. Why would you say it's your piece? You rob them. That it. You tell them they should not be painting around here. It's simple. Don't get on some deep meaning to it because at the end of the day, it's survival of the fittest. I have a fair idea where you hail from, but you know that there are crews that even some experienced writes would hand over their paint without hesitation. Although expect to get fucked on when you fuck with some kid who bites back with a crew full of hektik mother fuckers.
  2. FSone


    If everything goes to plan, I should be running amok around November/December.....
  3. FSone


    I sure am. Without a doubt it's about the hot bitches... I am interested in whats the best type of accommodation I should get at a reasonable price, back-packer hostels or hotels. I know accommodation is fairly expensive and the way of life is fairly expensive too, so is booze supposedly.. Fuck, but I can live with that....
  4. FSone


    Hey 12oz, was wondering what information people might be able to give me in regards to traveling around Sweden. I am thinking of going around November/December, have been looking at guides and what not. If theres anybody that lives in Sweden, please pm me. All help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  5. Yeah, but I bet 'fluro' is what to wear, or some gay tight girls jeans shit. Those shows suck.
  6. Re: tonight made me glad i quit smoking What type of riding do you do? I never used to smoke, and used to be a big rider. I begun smoking and stopped riding as much. These days I can't even do half of the stuff I used to do. My short sprints are terrible, and I have lost a lot of my ability to pump sets of jumps. I'm going to quit soon and start riding. I miss it.
  7. You listed a bunch of well known bombers, you're lame and probably know nothing about graff. You're a typical loser who thinks that racking is everything.... You're a joke to the community, and you arnt wanted.
  8. There was something on the front of the site about a certain members having markers in production, they look like the clone mini-wides. Anybody confirm this? Does anybody know where to get that marker book, the one about a lot of the NYC writers etc.
  9. I did read it, and targeting you wasn't fair. Though, it's stupid to say that you would fight somebody because their views differ from yours, sorry to call you out on being uneducated. Clearly you can construct a decent response with mechanics, unlike the rest of the retards on here. Kudos. The rest of you, racism has and always will piss me off. Go check these interesting fellows out; http://www.stormfront.org/forum/ They really enjoy talking about WWII memorabilia, and read some of their threads. The one's that are headed with something like "What races pisses you off the much." That's a funny thread, some guy gets all upset over some 'Asian' not handing him the correct change. Hilarious.
  10. sucks: item from ebay not coming Vs. don't: when you use paypal and get a full refund.
  11. I told you I wasn't going to read it..... Didn't that get through to you?
  12. Good luck to them. I hope Kanye West dies, his a faggot. I hope 50 cent dies, his a faggot too.
  13. GlikO you're a retard. If the only way you're going to solve a problem is by fighting, then you are one hell of a retarded retard. Maoris are generally violent people, full stop. Basic history of New Zealand would prove this, they were not born there, they invaded and also are brutal warriors. But GlikO you're some American chump, right? That's throwing his weight around. We know what the world thinks of American chumps, nobody likes them. If you're just going to be like the heavy handed Maori and say that you would straight up bash somebody for disagreeing with your theory, then how about you go to school, get a decent education, maybe complete a masters degree and come back and debate on an issue that is larger than some retard in a bar. This is the problem with today's people, all retards who have some whacked out theory about the world. It's funny, one would be so quick to put a nationalists and a skinhead in the same boat, but the nationalists hate skinheads, because they are dumb and don't know anything about what they are trying to follow. You don't know anything about what you are trying to express by being heavy handed, you probably don't even know what the intended effect is on somebody by being heavy handed you just watch your dumb ass friends do it, and so you follow because it has proven to have a positive effect for them in getting their own way/point across. BTW, if you said something that offended me I would smile and walk away, why? Because I know you retrain NO educational certificate what so ever and arn't worth my time. Is education everything? No. Does having no education what so ever effect how 90% of the world will listen to you? Yes. Are you just some raving ranting lunatic on an internet forum just like myself, and the other million others out there. Yes. Going to try and contradict me or bring some bullshit response? You probably are. Am I going to read it? No. Why did I type so much? Because racist people and heavy handed people can blow me. Fuck off and learn a thing or too. I win your bank account.
  14. I'm interested in that book about the markers, looks like it would be a good read/look, you can't tell if its a picture book or not. Anybody got a link to somewhere that sells it online? Cheers.
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