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Things you WILL NOT pay for.


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Before i continue this thread has NOTHING to do with racking. Although i got the idea from watching earsnot talk about things he wont pay for in infamy.


-Pancakes: Fuck paying like $8 for a stack of pancakes. All they are is essentially eggs, milk and flour with additional flavourings. It costs me about 50 cents worth of ingredients to make them at home.


Pasta- A packet of pasta is about $1 and thats that the awesome whole egg variety. Sauce can be made so easily as well. pasta costs me about $1 to make at home.


Bottled water- Water is free from the tap, put it in the fridge and put it in your backpack. Fuck this $1.50-$2.00 for water shit.


Drinks at clubs/bars - $7 for anything with a stingy ass shot of liquor! Fuck that! just put drinks down your pants.


Cover charges at clubs- Mr. Clubowner makes thousands of dollars a month profit from idiots buying drinks and throwing money around trying to be cool. Sorry you are not getting my $10.


parking This one varies, if its in a meter and under like $1-2 i dont care....but fuck this $15 parking in the cdb bullshit. I'll catch the train.


Anything at the candy bar in a movie theatre No, i'm not taking out a mortgage for a popcorn and coke. I will go to the seven eleven before hand by some snacks and sneak them in.


Thanks. Now its your turn.


AnUpsetStomach/Tight Ass.

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I dont understand people who pay for sex when girls want it just as bad as I do. Particuly when they get more from it anyway, they come more times than me and you think I should pay 100 bucks for the pleasure? No thanks.


-Graffiti related products:

I refuse to pay for magazines, t shirts, books etc. I think that risking my ass for 8 plus years, as well as the fines/lawyers fees I have forked out should cover that one.

So if they arent giving me one and I cant rack it, its not worth having.

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