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Got my guitar hooked up and am recording some stuff.


But I have a query, how on earth do you mix the tracks on Cubase? I am using the 24 track option it gives and select up to 5 tracks for various guitar parts, vocals, etc. But then how do I edit it as well (like take the perfect riff section then proceed to loop it over and over)?


If you have this figured out I would like the help, but hey maybe I just need to read thru the 800+ page manual that came in the torrent.

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hahaha my own personalized post fucking awesome...



First there is a loop option I never use it but I seen people who have...

2nd why dont you just keep playing the rhythm track over and over and stop being lazy...

thirdly you can cut and paste (not recomended unless you can quantize the track)


read the manual itll teach you so much. also try to play to a click itll help you alot in life.


If I can get my Cubase set up on a PC that has internet access I can be more help...sorry I dont have it right with me...

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Sorry Dirty Habit.

But I thought that Sneak might also read this thread.

Yeah, I guess I'll read the manual, but for some reason when I use the monitor function on the tracks is has this weird overlapping delay that doesn't die that gets progressively louder. I thought my coomp was gonna blow up, haha.

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Shit i gotta be infront of my computer with the programs on it...I wish I could help more...Is your reverb on when you record guitar? You may just have to turn a mic off...



Are you usng acoustic?

if so the track playing could possibly be going through the sound hole replaying through the monitors.



Both of these can be corrected by turning the recording track button off while replaying the track...

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