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The most haunted doll on ebay!

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I found this entertaining for a min or 2.











Current bid: US $102.50

(Approximately AU $136.16)

End time: 7 hours 58 mins (13-Sep-06 21:41:34 AEST)

Postage costs:

To Australia -- US $25.00

Standard Int'l Flat Rate Postage (more services)

Posts to: Worldwide

Item location: Sydney AUS, Australia

History: 5 bids

High bidder: possum241968( 6 )




Description (revised) Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item.


This is SERIOUSLY the most haunted doll you will EVER FIND. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up in a museum somewhere, or written down in history books. This is a no bull auction, I want to get rid of it, and do it quickly. This is not a joke, it is scaring the wits out of everyone, and therefore it must be gone.




PS: If you're in a rush, scroll down to the bottom to see the photos and videos of proof.




This 21 inch doll MOVES, CHANGES POSITIONS, CAUSES LIGHTS TO FLICKER, ACTS MISCHEIVIOUS… and LEVITATES. Yes, you heard right, it LEVITATES. And unlike many of the stories you hear about possessed dolls doing so in a discreet manner, this one IS NOT DISCREET AT ALL. It’s like a living Halloween, and whatever is in there, it is NOT shy. This one levitated right in front of my eyes, in the presence of another person. And it also MOVED ITS ARMS when provoked to “do something”, right in front of the camera. If you do not believe my story, JUST LOOK at the following pictures and the videos which I have included. It will freak you out.


This is the story of the doll:




This doll is a bit of a mystery. I rescued it from a Salvation Army store, so I have no idea about who owned it in the past, or its history. However, it appears to be a very OLD doll, and I am guessing it is vintage at LEAST… I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an antique either. Inside her back I found a very old battery, yellow in color (see picture) and rusted through, and I know they no longer make these. She appeared to be a normal doll at first, no obvious signs of activity, but it seemed like she just “awoke” one day and made herself known.




It started with the footsteps. It sounded like children running up and down the corridor playing, although there was obviously no one home. When I went to check it out, the sound would disappear. Everywhere I went the doll seemed to be “in the way”, so I ended up “putting it away” all the time. It kept reappearing in different places. It obviously wanted attention, and when I gave it attention, things seemed to calm down at first. However, a few days went by, and the activity came back full blast.




No one believed me at first, and the kids in the house thought it would be funny to put it on their bedroom windowsill and talk to it/mock it, and the more I said DON’T DO THAT the more they would do it (as kids do). One afternoon I decided to take a photo of my niece in the bedroom to send to overseas relatives, and the MOST DISTURBING THING HAPPENED. As soon as I took the picture I have a habit of checking it on the digicam monitor to see if it’s good, and as I checked, I saw something very strange. The doll was SUSPENDED IN MID AIR, ROTATING AROUND. I jerked my head up and saw the actual doll behind my niece, FLOATING ABOUT 3 INCHES OFF THE WINDOW SILL, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AIR. I froze and my eyes nearly popped, but I managed to zoom the camera in to take two quick pictures, whilst it was rotating. I then switched the camera to CAMERA MODE, and rushed across the bed to get close to the doll, capturing this on video. As though startled by my sudden attention, the doll suddenly PLUMMETED TO THE GROUND (as you can see).




I put it on the table a while later, and with a camera in hand, asked it (nicely) for 10 minutes to show us "something". It then started moving its left arm, before ROTATING its full body clockwise in front of the camera.




This is NOT a joke.






PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU ARE FAINT HEARTED, or if you are going to abuse these powers in any way. Although the spirit possessing this doll is not malicious at all, its childish “playfulness” may at times be too much if you are easily scared of unusual things. I also have to warn you that she has dramatically INCREASED MY PSYCHIC ABILITIES, I have never been so “accurate” about things before, and this is starting to scare my friends and family. So please think about it carefully. I started it at this price so that I can be sure that you really want to have this doll in your life, as it is not a joke, it is a responsibility.


There is a Youtube video as well but I dont know how to link it. See the link at the top to view.

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fishwire/sun can make anything look like its floating


It is fake as fuck, obviously, but never the less I thought it was entertaining for 2 reasons;

1. I like a good story

2. Someones going to pay a $100US for a shitty doll worth $0US haha

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