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marlboro country (virginia)


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its not really misinformation when dude said its the longest running thing on 66 as in.....at this time. which it is, considering theres about 5 things running probably between arington and front royal.....he didnt say it was the first thing ever painted on the road and was still running. calm down so much hostility people get hyped over THE wackest shit i swear, go paint

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Hold up who's mad??? Isn't you always being hyped over petty shit on 12oz is what it was about in the first place though? All's i want to know is where does a new generation come from when dudes act arrogant as shit, you ain't doin' shit to keep it alive, you're just helping it die out, negative discouraging ass dudes. Same heads to be complaining in ten years like "man this scene's dead, back in my day......." pfffft. Get over yourself forreal.







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new generations make themselves dawg ... no one else is going to encourage a young buck into doing grown up graffiti. you kinda just gotta man up and do it yourself. people's mindset got fucked a few years back on some anti-bullying campaign shit. there is no argument to be had here ... just a wise word. when you subvert yourself to other folks, you are sonning yourself. make yourself the illest and fuck a new generation. the cream rises to the top g

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ok you got it, this has nothing to do with me, just an opinion. But to make an effort to always and only be a dick is just tryin to hard, and i dont give a fuck about new generations honestly, but calm the fuck down it's stupid as shit to always come out of left field and try your hardest to son someone and jump down there throat, i mean damn i guess do you if you're prerogative is to always be an E-toughguy on 12oz, looks pretty fuckin' retarded though.

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