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  1. It's still stupid how much you care to prove some young kid wrong over something he said on the internet that "might" be wrong. And who cares about nova anyways?
  2. That might be true for your general area, but it's highly untrue for majority of the snakes throughout the US . And good post Fox, think you meant 2012 in the name though. See you soon.
  3. What sour doesn't know but will soon find out. is half the shit he paints on the rails rolls through my town right after he does them. Sometimes idiot wiggers don't think about these things. Maybe he will after he realizes how many panels of his will be slashed.
  4. Oh yeah, you're all a bunch of toys. Don't forget.
  5. Rather see no flicks than shitty flicks.
  6. Looks like crus, either way it's some ugly wack toy shit.
  7. I wasn't talking to you or about your post. And no, nothing, is better than what I was talking about.
  8. That is the dumbest thing in this entire thread ^
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