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  1. .....I thought I was at gaynerds.com....
  2. bump mtc, what is that above the cajen? i dig the grey scale color in that. and that sinus is cool
  3. because i dont trust the interwebs man, goverments got phones taps, aliens exist, fucking elvis is still alive smoking blunts with tupac. thats type of shit. other people can take picture of my stuff and put it on here but damned if i do (i say all this but im sure ill contradict myself one day)
  4. alter 2 http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7221/6970952618_4a921c38cb_b.jpg its all 4 fun
  5. aim4infamy, i feel you, i need a scanner too, but yea, but yea im gonna be drawing my ass off if anyone at anypoint is trying collab on some canvass or whatev holla
  6. Re: I'm from Virginia, where ain't shit to do but cook its all 4 fun Collab with a good friend, i did the street stuff and he drew the city, he has prints of this too i believe if anyone is interested, not sure though ALTER2 my new legal im gonna run with, so yea hopefully if i get in touch with him, but ill be turning this piece over to my buddy too, tryiing to get him draw a bunch of stylized organic stuff around it, i think it will look sweet, ill post pics when finished
  7. theres cool stuff happening, just no pictures going up
  8. paint gloves knife ill wear an extra sock (incase i gotta leave a turd by a train) and of course 2 pbr tall cans
  9. .that Elkamino time lapse is so dope. there use to be a big foot piece in the same spot too along with kemos and eulogy.
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