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  1. Yo you probably shouldn't write Rust in DC/DMV. No disrespect but Dah and Rust where some original DC redline smashers, just switch that shit up to something original while you're still young in the game. Just some advice. Imma try to dig up some old Takoma redline pics and other Rust and shit but yeah,.switch that shit up bruh. Any old heads have any old Rust flicks? STOLE
  2. Just don't write Rust or you're not gonna be taken seriously which is too bad cause i was anticipating some burn-burns
  3. Outoftheblue with the flicks… fuckin with the skiz and smk nice to see that happen there.
  4. that Nepal Cave Scan pics once I fix the laptop..
  5. GOUGE MOARRRRRR plz. You two posting are the only thing keeping this thread holding on to life. Fuckin' IG...
  6. hahaha yes sir let me go back and censor every freight flick I took..... shut the fuck up if you aint bringin' shit to the table
  7. District of Crud, where paper's much thicker than blood...
  8. DROP TOP HEAD BOBBIN' Huf and JU lookin good
  9. boy say whaaa?? you aint turnt uppp
  10. that new flickr shit is wack as hell
  11. There ya go Irish....keep walkin' the tracks, metro lines, and streets and flicking what you see. Explore your surroundings youngin', be smart and fuck the haters....
  12. dude shhhh bear mase.....
  13. Nica More flicks damnit before I bombard this thread with tags on tags on tags. Where's the butt-naked hoes at?!
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