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  1. Voyer with that wack ass hand style and those simple dimple throws, wish you could flare so i can compliment something of yours. I cant believe that these Varsity kindergarten flower coloring clowns believe there shit is the truth. are leading the way. Gentlemen, we need to stop biting and be a bit creative. Dont shit on the new guys, especially if theyre rockin spots that you are obviously to chicken shit to pull.
  2. Shit looks solid to my dude. Keep it pushing kasr
  3. Someone post some Chungo joints
  4. Shit I've always been down to get down, but shit i dont got no spots or no one to show me wats good in or near the district. "Get it in when you fit in" still puttin in work every opportunity.
  5. You put to much tought into this come back. Internet bullies. smh. i smash fools like you. respond however you want to this, just hope that you dont run into me. ;)
  6. Hey Skulls Good Post Brah. Sime n ELK killt that shit.
  7. Bro i was askin bout them african dudes in the last page. naw... def not retarded or not entirely. but i aint trippin through.
  8. That CBS. son thats what im talkin bout
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