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  1. I'm gonna be there in early june, hit me up if you want to paint. looking for tips from anybody who's been or lives there.
  2. Enjoy. http://www.actionnewsjax.com/content/topstories/story/Graffiti-could-lead-to-gang-war/f3wY7vpKkUSJOg2NbivWRw.cspx
  3. so whats this mambo sauce phenomenon all about? I heard some bitch yelling to her man bout it when i was walking by some chinese joint but being poor and shit I cant buy any food so explain bitches BEEF!
  4. Old flicks i stole 49025928_11181ba7fc 51151097_7b2d3340f4_o 51152701_84d98e199f_o 58014133_30fbbe244c_o 59669456_7b813f63ba_o
  5. VIZIE | Skate or... by Ironlak, on Flickr annnnd maybe some people would enjoy this http://www.graffiti.org/va/virginia_7.html
  6. The Last Exorcism Screen shot 2012-11-13 at 4.38.49 PM There's a red Nekst in Pursuit of happyness around 15 mins in but im not watching that shit again And I saw an Orek in a match.com commercial the other day, just remembered that
  7. BelevSerkTank by heatwave2, on Flickr Eon Sime by heatwave2, on Flickr TaleEazy by heatwave2, on Flickr 1182709229_eK9TE-X3 by jolttttt, on Flickr
  8. photo-41 photo-39 You're looking at THE youngest pieces on this ENTIRE WALL AAAAAAAAAA IM SO HYPED RIGHT NOWW
  9. wow wow wow chill out dutch man, i said the oldest running, OLDEST not longest. You said yourself rezist and germs got buffed. And of course theres a few other spots but this is the oldest one currently running as far as i know get it? plus i said probably for a reason, i know i dont know shit haha
  10. photo-4 you are looking at the oldest running spot on this road. probably.
  11. photo-40 photo-39 [/url] Untitled Untitled Untitled photo-34
  12. ^I missed a ton of shit here, rlaxe and some other dudes had burners and some jas7 and 4scor extinguisher jawns further down the road. disappointing. Untitled DSC_1818 DSC_1817 pretty sure these were all in ct...
  13. hello my name is john i have picture of the graffitis DSC_1715
  14. Stay hydrated out there guys, PM me if you don't know the warning signs for heat stroke. Here I stole pictures of the grafeeties AMEN by -SeeLuca-, on Flickr SKUM Richmond Legend by -SeeLuca-, on Flickr HAEZ Unkle by -SeeLuca-, on Flickr
  15. I figured I might as well post the other shit from here... photo-7 photo-13 This is the kinda bullshit that just makes me wanna go BTK on a motherfucker photo-14 photo-9 photo-15 photo-8 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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