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Everything posted by aim4infamy

  1. Them throws look nice. Nice to see fresh paint.
  2. Keli with those hot spot. Hope it rides.
  3. Yo shout out to all the Asheville cats. You guys go hard. SICR VALET FOWL RUINR and all the Moms crushin. Hopefully I'll be back soon.
  4. That AMEN is pretty legit. Also that uk roller. When I het back home Im going to grab so pics. So hopefully there will be some new shit. Va needs to get back to work. Straight slackin.
  5. I guess I better start posting some more. Nice stuff Addington
  6. Sime, Red , Roboe, Aiek, and moe. Straight fire.
  7. Sinus and Isle doing it good. I hope MOMS makes its way into Va some more.
  8. Fant killin it. Real outlaw bombing over everything
  9. Red and phone must be doing something right if they pushing a benz and shit. Fuck there are probably some hot bitches in the back too.
  10. The bugs are already horrible. This summer is going to be a rough one.
  11. Yo that is some dope shit. Clockwork orange is a crazy ass movie.
  12. That SMK shit goes hard
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