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True's list of amazing FLASH sites

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Here is just a small sample of my vast collection of bookmarked, flash based, sites.



Evil Pupil. Very unique site, strange, confusing, beautiful. Good for burning time, like a puzzle.



Promotional site for a movie. Seems to be influenced by the above site but still very good.



Blk Mrkt... Alot of you already know.



I don't know why but this site just gave me a strange feeling. Good stuff.



Nice splash page. Some nice images.



Demo Design.. cool stuff.



May 1st Reboot. Some nifty links to flash sites.



Maybe it's just me but the radar dish idea is ill. Check it.



Some really interesting games/invironments. I dare you to play the balancing game... I've spent over 2 hours on it before. You have been warned. :crazy:



Upbeat feel, classy flavor, preppy tunes. Check out the drink of the month videos... The ego-bartender is THE MAN!



You gotta watch this short... VERY fresh!




I really enjoy this one. Basically what it is is a strip club... and you can get a... err... "virtual lap dance" ---ENOUGH SAID---



I've never seen the movie, but it's promo website just makes me want to see it more! Very sweet.



Just found this one... the little vidoe is finda funny.


There ya go...

If anyone else has favorites post em up!

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you both forgot :







Overall, I learned I was not respecting the plant and its powers. It is EXTREMELY powerful and COMPLETELY unlike anything you have ever experienced. If you are not prepared for that, you will panic like me. My second trip was much more enjoyable because I remained calm and respected the power of the plant. I advise all new users to start very very slow, and have no expectations. Your first few times will take awhile for the Salvia's effects to set in -- so don't powerpuff (trust me) -- and become comfortable with your profound experiences. Also, have a tape recorder and someone there who is sober, every time! Make no exceptions, if you do you will learn. This isn't something to be taken half-assed, or by anyone not fully mature and respectful. Two major questions I have right now (I am a philosophy major) are being able to experience this very strange 4th dimension, and the name of the woman and what I said to her. For some reason that feels very important to me. I am firmly convinced of the power and greatness of this plants spirit. Respect it!

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I just want some place to get a flash intro, as I spent so much time "mastering Photoshop" then downloaded flash....and now I want to die trying to make this shit morph into this other shit....

Either for free, or for minimal money, I want to get some kid to do it for me...

I am such a lazy fuck


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heavy still nice was much better when they didnt charge for stuff



ohh praystation...saw flight404 mentioned this is the man behind it...possibly the best person for flash...ever.



famewhore...also nice...site hasnt been updated lately but the is still hot.








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One thing about the above site...

You have to right click then click "Zoom In" or else you wont be able to read the tiny text.

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