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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/2147879.stm 2019 bad ass asteroid maybe.....
  2. Lush

    Donnie Darko

    yeah, they did memento too, and the center of the world site. pretty talented people. I like the way their work is very interactive. It always has this creepy air to it, but it might just be that the movies the sites were done for had their own creepieness to them...
  3. Lush

    Donnie Darko

    I did a search and nothing came up...... so I posted a new thread. crazy. ah ok I see now. you posted like an hour after me.
  4. Lush

    Donnie Darko

    I saw this movie last week and I thought it was incredible. It also has a great soundtrack. I can't stop listening to the tears for fears cover done by Gary Jules of Mad World. The movie and soundtrack are both now on my have to buy list. Has anyone else seen it? I'd never heard of it until my boyfirend brought it home. It was one of those great messed up little films that I need to see again to fully appreciate. The website's nice too although it seems to be a bit too close to the memento and requiem for a dream sites. http://www.donniedarko.com/
  5. I'm thinking it's probably harder than it looks (judging it perfectly to get that big rock in that little circle). I think I would probably suck at it.
  6. Lush

    getting robbed

    two guys I know got shot earlier this month when robbers broke into their house. The robbers only took a playstation.
  7. My where the wild things are toys and my 10 piece cooking pot set
  8. I like guys with long hair, as long as it isn't limp dirty and GREASY. Greasy hair is disgusting. It's hard to say whether you should cut it or leave it long without a picture. My hair looked terrible long so I cut really short (not butch short though, I don't like that either). If you keep your hair long, keep it clean.
  9. http://www.bitterfilms.com/anesthetics.html really funny cartoons http://www.metafilter.com funny links and news http://www.hydro74.com nice
  10. i love cuddling, but not after sex. my boyfriend gets all hot and sweaty and unless he takes a shower or put a sheet between us it's just gross.
  11. that's my best friends birthday. Thanks for reminding me :)
  12. seems like an awful lot of us were born around the first part of december :) Haven't there been at least two other birthday posts in the last 2 weeks? Sagittarius all the way. Happy birthday.
  13. One track mind. at least we can always count on teaser to be consistent. :P
  14. -Real apple cider -Living in the city so that I don't have to drive home on dangerous icey snowy highways. -Fresh snow -ski season -Hot baths afer coming in from the cold walk home -Cold, fresh winter air -Clementines it snowed here today for the first time this winter. It made me all happy and such.
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