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  1. what about michael jackson? if he died, all lil' boys would feel safe!
  2. this sounds like the beginnig of a porno...
  3. man bk all day! plus wendys too. and rally's! i think you guys out west called rally's- good times...or at least it used to be that a few years back.
  4. hahahahah americans vs europeans? wait till my dimension gets invloved you infintile human scum!
  5. damn you ravers and your flyers! hahahaha1 j/k. very nice work to all of you. i just got photoshop 6.0 and i dont know shit yet.
  6. We have been on this planet far before Roswell and the Egyptians. you've got it all wrong...jesus didnt make you, we made Jesus and you. What you call Earth is just a petri dish on a shelf in your "universe". In closure, i'd like to warn you humans that your purpose here is almost completed. Thank you for the fun millenium.
  7. ooh ohh, i got you all beat! rest in peace mom and dad. nyah! no offense i just hate cheesy r.i.p. things man, how can they rest in peace if you dwell on it? sorry.
  8. hella yeah! and it came like nerds candy does: 2 flavors in one box! PURE GENIUS.
  9. i pounce on the 12 ounce/ then i bounce/ leavin competition layin trounced by the 10 count/ when in doubt.../ wait that doesnt apply to me/the only doubt i have/ is there anyone as fly as me?/try and see/but im in an empty room/ door still swingin from my microphone boom/ ...just havin some fun. someone keep it movin!
  10. you crazy kids nowadays! geez!
  11. hahahahaha! he called me boris becker! i had one hell of a sunburn that day !
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