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i have seen threads of pictures, and threads of collections of stickers, but i havnt seen a trading post... so here is one, i am a big head collector for stickers, its almost a full time job for me, and i would love to trade with whoever is interested.... if you are post some of your stuff or just list your e-mail, or PM, or get at whoever you want to trade with on here.... i am not sure if this thread will be closed or not, but this was the only way to find out


here is some of my old/crappy stuff, but im making new ones... so let me know if you are down to trade, or hit me up at


JonRoss4@msn.com (safe e-mail)











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BEFORE people start saying WHY they think this thread is a bad IDEA, has already been done, should be closed, there are already two sticker threads, etc, bs, etc...


I think it's a good IDEA cause it saves clutter from the other two sticker threads.

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not bad, im down to trade with you, just pm me, or e-mail me at Jonross4@msn.com


i spent 13$$ last night sending out all the packs i sent out desdes, starz, mr. b's, chillens, stickerswitch, and semer...


i each package varied in weight, becuase i match or send more then what you send me, but they were all heavy together


im getting cruels ready, and some other peoples, (eson, bob, Flying fortress if he returns my e-mail, kay, pherz)


and i will be going back around next wed. to mail out some more, so if your down please let me know now, and we can work something out, hit me up....peez

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